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Bribed, Blackmailed & Brainwashed: Who is in control?- Pt. 3

SKYNET IS COMING:  What Can We Expect From A High- Tech World Divorced from Judeo Christian Morality

Many of my readers will be familiar with the “Futuristic Sci-Fi Tech Company, Skynet.” In the 1984 Sci-Fi Thriller, “The Terminator,” this company had contracted with the government to “build a better mouse-trap,” that is, to use Advanced Technology to literally control the world of the future. All war would be a thing of the past, because “logical computer programs,"  not subject to the “whims of human emotions like anger, malice and lust for power” would make decisions for all our military, power-grid, communications and defense systems. Machines would finally bring “Peace on Earth” to all mankind – by totally setting aside the frailties of “human control.” This was the premise of the Terminator movies, which started with the first movie in 1984. It proceeded through four more major motion pictures and a number of spin-off movies – even a TV Series. Man would finally triumph over fickle human whims, passions and rage. What could possibly go wrong?

As the movie progressed, we learned that in the future, the “machines” (i.e. computers), had “attained consciousness,” that is – they began thinking for themselves, and thinking logically. Sadly, no longer tethered to human beings for final control, the machines were anything but “non-violent.” So, they began eliminating “human-kind” as of a parasite needing to be destroyed. The machines launched World War III, annihilating most of mankind and forcing the survivors into hiding for survival. But Skynet didn’t stop there, they used “hunter-killer robots,” disguised as humans – titanium exoskeletons covered with flesh to infiltrate the ranks of human survivors, all with the intention of “eliminating the human parasites.” We all marveled at the “Sci-Fi” storyline, and the high-tech “hunter-killer robot" (who strangely had an Austrian accent?).  Nothing to worry about, we could sit back and tell ourselves “It was only a movie,” stuff like this was Fiction and would never happen in our modern world. Crazy as it sounds, the beginnings are happening, with full implementation just over the horizon. Crazier still, most of the Elite Intelligentsia of our day are cheering on AI, and relinquishing control to Artificial Intelligence. Most influential people on this planet are enamored with this high-tech and its promise of “Eutopia,” with only a few  brave souls raising voices of concern. One such voice is Elon Musk.

In a recent video, Elon states the obvious conclusion – that the coming AI will not operate in a vacuum, neither will it think solely for itself, as if it were a “living soul.”  No, it will think according to the programming that it has received, and that programming is coming from a “Woke Generation” of programmers who have been taught: “There is no God. Man himself is the measure of all right and wrong, that the environment is sacred, beautiful and must be preserved at all costs. Further, that Mankind is a Parasite and therefore the biggest threat to the environment. Man, the Parasite, must at least be controlled, if not eliminated entirely." This clearly means that the algorithms with which these machines will interpret reality, won’t just censor those “deplorable humans” who think like MAGA White-Nationalists, who they say, pose the greatest threat of violence. No, the Machines will ultimately see all Mankind as a Threat, and Eliminate us all! Just like children born in countries which practice radical Islam, our “college-educated” sons and daughters have been taught to “Hate!”  They hate:  White, Cisgendered (those poor souls who believe their gender matches their anatomy), Christians and Lovers of Freedom who don’t hate God or old-fashioned American Ideals. I believe the Church of Jesus will be persecuted by the High-Tech-Woke-Wonder generation and the Brave New World they are creating. 

The irony that all these dystopian movies reveal is, men and women from the future world of Skynet believed that putting the machines in charge would make life easier, more predictable, and less subject to politics and human error. Yet, they failed to grasp that the machines would reflect the erroneous beliefs of the corrupt people who programmed them. In the movie, these high-tech-woke-wonderkids had taught the Machines (i.e. computers) to hate mankind, and think with an “anti-human logic” that has no consideration for human virtues like: Love, Kindness, Compassion and Mercy. These virtues and values are what make us human – because they reflect the values of the God in whose image we are made. Heartless nihilism (rejection of all religious and moral principles) is in vogue, and Judeo-Christian virtues are almost non-existent among the Wealthy Elites who populate our Board Rooms, Government Halls, Military Intelligence and Universities. Like every preceding world empire, they cry out to be free from the constraints of God and His rule. Here’s how the Psalmist expressed the desire of nations to be “free of God” and His influence:

“What fools the nations are to rage against the Lord! How strange that men should try to outwit God!  For a summit conference of the nations has been called to plot against the Lord and his Messiah, Christ the King. “Come, let us break his chains,” they say, “and free ourselves from all this slavery to God” (Psalm 2:1-3 Living Bible).

From the looks of things, it does appear that our “high-tech-woke-wonderkids” have pretty much broken God’s restraints upon mankind.  And just as many have predicted, they are promising “peace and safety, ease and comfort”  –  but instead will reap the whirlwind, bringing about their own enslavement. Human history shows, that whenever man tries to build the “ultimate mouse-trap” to control others, he invariably ends up enslaving himself!  I have used Whitney Webb’s “One Nation Under Blackmail” as a starting place to reflect on the “machinations” (pun intended) of our modern-day Elites and so-called Intelligentsia as they plan the “Brave New World” for the vast majority of mankind. Somehow they believe they will be excluded from this control. They are sorely mistaken!

Whitney points out that several Silicon Valley companies pushing high-tech AI, are in bed with Global Financial Powers, and are openly advocating the use of High Tech, AI and Social Media to control all human life from cradle to grave. In a previous Blog, I mentioned how the New World Order will use “Predictive Policing” in tandem with other technology to Assert Absolute Control.  And while they are grossly overstating AI’s abilities at this time, their long-term goals involve the use of BCI, “Brain Computer Interface,” to a degree no one ever thought possible. The military aspect is called “Neurowarfare,” but it goes well beyond just trying to create “super-human soldiers.” They all want to play God!  The Elites in the World Economic Forum (WEF), United Nations and their friends in virtually all governments, hope they will shortly be able to control much human activity among those whose lives are “connected”  through the world-wide-web. Elon Musk is right to be worried about this high-tech AI, since he’s heavily invested in this technology. Maybe he feels guilty, or is afraid of what AI technology in the “wrong hands,” might do.  That’s the problem, there are no “right-hands,” (or oversight) who will benevolently protect, or use such massive control for “selfless and humane goals.” Men and women “always act in selfish, self-interested” ways, showing no concern for their fellow men and women. Absolute power always corrupts absolutely.

So here we are, in 2024, watching the same mistakes, false assumptions and “naive hopes” that everything will turn out for the best of mankind. Just like the movie, what starts out as an effort to improve things and make life easier for humankind, giving Elites (i.e. kings and queens), more control over the people and greater leisure time to enjoy their lives, this too will become a nightmare. The very machines they’ve made – and taught to Hate their political enemies – will be used to subjugate and control themselves, as well as the rest of mankind. History does teach us this lesson:  “Just because Man can do something, doesn’t mean that he should do it!” In closing, let me reflect on two impulses that have always pushed man to these types of global dreams and failures: 1.) Man is still eating from that tree – trying to “be like God, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:5).  At the same time, fallen Men and Women are, 2.) Trying to get themselves back to the Garden of Eden. These dual sins are mutually exclusive. Those who are still “leaning on their own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5-6) – fail to grasp that eating from the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” – is what “keeps them from the Garden of Eden,” that is, a fruitful paradise where death, sickness, hunger, pain and toil are no more.

Only by “faith in Jesus Christ” will anyone enjoy the future blessings of a New Heaven and a New Earth, where access to the “Tree of Life” will be restored (Revelation 22:14). No machine or invention of man, and certainly not another broken system of social political control, will bring us into the Sabbath Rest that Faith Alone can provide (Hebrews 4:1-11). The lessons of the “Industrial Technological Age” are: Man often uses his “inventive technologies to play God, and finds ways of being more efficient in killing his fellow men and women. Two world wars, and many other conflicts over the past 100 years should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that man will never have “Peace On Earth” until we submit to the “Prince of Peace,” Jesus Christ!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Then why didn't Adam rebuke the serpent and call him a liar and cast him out of the garden of which God gave him command? Why did he not protect his wife and himself from sinning against the Creator? Man has relinquished his responsibility to protect his family ever since. And so women have learned to dominate in many cases. And our children have rebelled against parents, because the order of the family has been broken by abandoning God's commands.


" The lessons of the “Industrial Technological Age” are: Man often uses his “inventive technologies to play God, and finds ways of being more efficient in killing his fellow men and women. Two world wars, and many other conflicts over the past 100 years should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that man will never have “Peace On Earth” until we submit to the “Prince of Peace,” Jesus Christ!"

5For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. 6And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7For nation shall rise against…


"Man would finally triumph over fickle human whims, passions and rage. "

That's the very premise on which THE SERPENT was able to beguile EVE in THE GARDEN OF EDEN to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. As a result dragging ADAM into the plot of refusing GOD ALMIGHTY'S WISDOM MIGHT GRACE AND PURPOSE ... as EVE could was unable to forgive and ADAM being pestered by EVE about his "shortcomings" misinterpreting them as malice, instead of accepting ADAM as the head of the family who is solely acting according to GOD ALMIGHTY'S WISDOM MIGHT GRACE AND PURPOSE.

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