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Donald J. Trump: Public Enemy Number #1?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Why is a 75-Year-Old Ex-President & Businessman Feared by the Left?

By Richard Allen – May 30, 2022

It almost sounds like hysteria, but during an interview on Fox News on Monday, May 9th, former Secretary of Defense (under Trump) Mark Esper, when asked by news anchor Bret Baier, “Do you think Donald Trump was a threat to Democracy?” – Mark responded:

"I think that given the events of January 6, given how he has undermined the election results, he incited people to come to DC, stirred them up that morning and failed to call them off, to me, that threatens our democracy. ... I think the answer would -- what else can you conclude, Bret?"

Talk about jumping the shark and going way over the top, deep stater Mark Esper said that Trump was a “threat to Democracy.” How sad that our Military has become just another fatality in the age of betrayal and deep-state dishonesty. It was West Point graduate Mark Esper who refused to send out the National Guard to protect Americans during the “2020 Summer of Insurrection.” He looked on as Antifa, BLM, Marxist activists – and other paid thugs (from George Soros groups) tore up and burned down cities across America. My hometown Kenosha was a target of these attacks, so we saw firsthand the damage and destruction these people caused, often against black owned businesses. For those of us with our eyes open, we remember that it was the Democrats who, for the past six+ years, have worked to undermine the 2016 election with the totally false “Russian Collusion” story. A story I might add, that has now completely unraveled and turns out to be a fabrication of the Hillary Clinton political machine. Add to this the “Fake News” that has plagued Donald Trump for the past six years – Establishment Bureaucrat Mark Esper appeals to the January 6th “False-Flag” narrative to confirm that Trump is a “threat to Democracy.” The January 6th fabrication has likewise unraveled to a case of mass trespassing on public grounds.

The whole smearing of Trump might even be laughable if it wasn’t so patently dishonest. And it is the complete opposite of what is actually going on. The irony of all this is: People who have committed real crimes are getting a pass. Crimes like treason, lying under oath, fomenting riots that caused millions of dollars in damage, theft of public/private funds given to charity and use of those funds to line their pockets. And they used the Department of Justice and Law Enforcement Agencies to create opposition research against their political opponents. There just isn’t space to talk about accusations of child sex trafficking and satanic rituals such as “Pizzagate.” They prey on our children and those that are disadvantaged. Surprisingly, all of those people who have committed real crimes against God, humanity and the innocent – are winked at by the Elite Political Class. And neither the Department of Justice, the FBI, or the so-called news media, have any interest in finding out what they did, or to whom or to reveal it to the public. No, the media believes their role is to cover for the Elites in both parties and their crimes, while manufacturing crimes against their political opposition. This is why Donald Trump is Public Enemy Number One!

So, it must be asked: “How did a businessman from Queens – turned reality TV star, and now a former President become PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER #1?" A better way of asking the same question is: “Why do they FEAR the Donald so much and why are those in the Deep State Establishment mounting such a ferocious attack?"

Before I answer that, let me go on record saying: “If Donald does run again in 2024, you better get ready for a total re-write of history, along with hyperbolic verbal exaggerations usually reserved for mass murderers like Osama Bin Laden.” So, before it gets completely crazy, let me list the Five Big Reasons they Fear Donald Trump along with my rationale for each. No doubt, they are all connected in several ways. But here’s why they fear Donald Trump:

1.) President Trump didn't abide by their Rules. In his inaugural address, Trump signaled that government would no longer be “business as usual.” He was going to change the way things were done in Washington DC. We finally had a politician who wasn’t beholden to the typical “money people” to fund his campaign, therefore he was free to govern in the best interests of the American people. He was truly the first man to stand on principle since Ronald Regan. The fact that he didn’t need their money to get elected, meant that they didn’t control him, therefore they feared him and resolved to destroy him.

2.) President Trump actually returned power to the People. He’s probably the first politician in my almost 70 years of life kept his campaign promises – something almost unheard of in Washington D.C. This may have been his worst sin, as returning electoral power to the governed, as our founders intended – totally flew in the face of their New World Order. This was the complaint that John McCain made when he decried Trump “spoiling” all of the plans for the New World Order the bankers and victors made after World War II. These Elites, like many of those royal lines of kings and queens who ruled for the last four millennia, believed that “common people just don't know what's good for them and they need us, their ‘betters,’ those who are smarter and more knowledgeable to rule the world for them. The nuances of this New World we’ve created – a world where Communist Socialism can thrive, is so important to us that we have to make critical decisions for them.”

3.) He would not join their cabal of Elites. This was seen in a big way when he totally dissed the intelligence community, think tanks, political hacks and consultants who had run everything in Washington for the last 50 years. He questioned the Iraq war from the beginning and the huge transfers of money under the premise that we were fighting for freedom in a foreign land. George W. Bush’s boondoggle in Iraq in its own way was just as corrupt and dishonest as the LIE that the War on Poverty was, claiming that we can tax ourselves into prosperity by giving entitlements to the poor and Trillions to the politicians running their programs!

And President Trump called out the Elites, letting them know that he knew who they were, and what they had done. He made it clear that his allegiance was with the American people, the regular everyday Joe and Jane who went to work and played by the rules. Trump was well aware of the games the Elites set up for themselves and their cronies in government. He knew the game was rigged for the wealthy and connected. He, through all his weight as president, worked toward re-empowering the people of the United States.

To the Elites this was a mortal sin. Those in the political class, academia, the corporate connected class and those in the professional fields like law and medicine, all saw Trump as a threat to their way of life. They couldn't possibly let him put those "smelly Walmart people" back in power. And the things Trump did tended to break their power and their stranglehold over the people. For example, giving us Energy Independence, something Obama said could not be done, all because he couldn't wave a magic wand and make it happen. Well apparently, it wasn't a magic wand that he needed, it was his lack of the desire to free the American people from energy dependence on the Middle-East, that kept Obama and his ilk from doing things that would benefit the common man. Trump dared to say that regular people -- whom the Elites called "A Basket of Deplorables," should have a say in their children's education. Elites on the other hand believed that by teaching Critical Race Theory, Sexual Deviancy and Marxism to their children would make them good little wards of the state. The idea is ALWAYS TO CONTROL, NEVER TO LIBERATE.

4.) Donald Trump represents a “free” America. The American dream is that anyone, even people of little means are able to make something of themselves by hard work and perseverance. But Elitists hate the American Dream because it's a repudiation of their Marxist Ideology. The LIE of Marx's Socialism is that it takes the state to create equality and lift people up and give them prosperity. While Marxism has never worked anywhere it's been tried, the American dream is world renown – creating the first “middle-class” for the majority of people. Tired, poor and oppressed people world over are dying to get here by any means – all because of the opportunities within this great land. And Trump promised to keep America a great land, to Make America Great Again. That's not a racist statement, it's not a braggadocio statement about how Americans are better than anyone else on the planet. No, it was his real heart-felt principle - and the one he governed by. The Political Elites on the other hand, hate America and they hate freedom, just like the kings and queens of Europe detested and loathed the common people. The farce today is that these new kings and queens, desperate to stay in power, realize they have to rule under the guise of doing it for the children, or to save the planet, or for those poor oppressed groups like Illegal Immigrants, or 40-year-old men who want to go to the bathroom with little girls!

5.) President Trump would reveal their deepest and dirtiest secrets. For those whose eyes aren't open or who refuse to see, this may sound like a conspiracy. But truth be told, Washington and the capitols of the Western and Eastern world are cesspools of human trafficking, drug deals, kinky sex, child exploitation and government for sale to the highest bidder. It doesn't matter if it’s twisted behavior in the highest offices in the land or other dastardly child exploitation rings, Trump and his Department of Justice threatened and prosecuted more child-sex rings in his four years than the prior four presidents. Trump threated to bring the whole cabal down. For those of you who know history, you know that kings and queens are among the most ignorant people ever to rule – probably because of in-breeding in their own families. What they lacked in smarts, they made up for in a good supply of sexual libido. The stories of sexual escapades, trysts, concubines and sires could fill thousands of textbooks with kinky stories of the life of the royal families. It's really no different today: Give people money and power with no accountability, and they’ll use it for sinful pleasures of the flesh. We may not call our leaders kings and queens and nobles, but this class of people has always behaved immorally throughout all of human history.

Without drawing too much comparison, let me close by saying that the history of Evil shows that bad men and women commit grievous sin while pretending to be righteous. It was true in the days of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as well. They accused Jesus of being a “sinner, blasphemer, law-breaker, anarchist and drunkard.” The Scribes, a religious sect among the Jews, were famous for their hypocrisy – that is committing sin – all the while making themselves appear as righteous:

“Be on guard against the scribes, who like to parade around in their robes and accept marks of respect in public, front seats in the synagogues, and places of honor at banquets. These men devour the savings of widows and recite long prayers for appearance sake. It is they who will receive the severest sentence” (Mark 12:38-40).

They revile and try to destroy whom they fear, and make no mistake – they Fear Donald Trump! But also, they fear “The American People” just as much. It’s actually an oxymoron – they loathe and detest We the People as a “Basket of Deplorables,” you know, those “smelly Walmart people” who “cling to our guns and religion” because we’re not smart enough to understand Democrat policies. They fear We The People as well. We are the “sleeping giant” whom, I pray, these Elites have finally awakened to their power grab! Only time will tell!

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Dave in Cali
Dave in Cali
May 30, 2022

Holy moly! My thoughts come alive in this article as every paragraph speaks truth about the 45th president and the great people of this land "We the people " and what is now well know as the great awakening. The tiger has been let out of the cage and will be difficult to put back. God Bless the United States of America and to Mr Allen!

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