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“From Russia With Love” - by Joe Brandon the Artful Dodger!

By Richard Allen – March 7, 2022

Get ready for Joe Biden, Nobel Prize winner for his amazing statesmanlike skills in avoiding an all-out war with Russia over Ukraine! I can read the possible headlines now, “Joe negotiates ‘peace in our time,’ ” or “Not since Henry Kissinger has there been a savvy, statesmanlike leader like President Biden!” This story is not over yet, and no matter how it ends, the perceived ineptitude of Joe, or what his keystone cabinet of radical minions accomplish, this debacle will still be portrayed as a success, a “Presidential profile in courage!”

My goal is not to necessarily look at this war strictly as a “geo-political showdown,” or a “policy failure” by a bungling president and his feckless administration. I want you all to be wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves. Not everything is what it appears to be, there is much more to this story still to unfold. We are living in a House of Mirrors where reality has been distorted by those who have something to gain from the “lie” they’re selling. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a manufactured crisis, as JFK had been baited by the Intelligence Community to attack Cuba at the failed Bay of Pigs a year before. The Ukraine Crisis today is a deliberately manufactured crisis by the same intelligence cabal, to accomplish their objectives for the New World Order.

No one knows how this will end, except that it will end badly for the citizens of the Ukraine, United States and Russia. The Ukrainian mess has been going on for a number of years, but has really moved up a notch since the U.S. funded Maidan Coup in 2014. The main names to remember are: Barak Obama, Victoria Nuland (Assist. Sec. of State), VP Joe Biden, Geoffrey Pyatt (Ambassador to Ukraine), John Kerry (Sec. of State) and Globalist financier George Soros. Without getting too far into the weeds, suffice it to say that since the fall of the Soviet Union, Western governments committed to the New World Order, have changed their attitudes toward Mother Russia. The American Left has always been pro-Socialist – with the goal of bringing about a New World Order. George H.W. Bush and John McCain both signaled that there was a Grand Plan after WWII by the Allies to bring all governments into One New World Order.

Post WWII during the Cold War, Russia was still the foundation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). New World Order types in the West were willing to promote both Russia and China seizing power in Eastern Europe and the Chinese mainland, as it helped to herd the masses into yielding their freedoms to the State, to total government control. During the Cold War, America and Western European governments morphed into semi-socialist economies, making Soviet style Socialism less attractive. Socialist Economics had completely lost to the Capitalist Western Economies, both militarily and more importantly, in the “fair distribution of goods and property.” This fair distribution was supposedly the outcome that Communist-Socialism intended to accomplish, but it failed miserably on all fronts. A new hybrid version of Socialism, Crony-Capitalism, was all the rage in the U.S. and across the mostly prosperous and free states of Western Europe. This new type of Socialism that actually worked in the market place was the perfect economic vehicle for the New World Order! While Brezhnev and the “Old-Marxist-Guard” in the USSR couldn’t see the change coming, China knew they needed to adapt to the New World Order or collapse.

It's ironic that while the Soviets were crushing Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain, Western Media had no problem with Total-State-Control! They covered for, and applauded it. In fact, Walter Duranty (NY Times) and other marxist owned mouthpieces had fawned over the Soviet five-year plans and the great medical care in Castro’s Cuba, claiming that Socialist Economics would rule the world! China on the other hand, was amazed at the Japanese and South Korean Industrial and Economic emergence under “Western-style free markets.” So China agreed to three steps to change their economy to something fairly new, the “Crony-Capitalist” model of Western Europe. In 1978, Chinese Communist leader Den Xiaoping agreed to several economic reforms that opened the door. And later in 1990 the Shanghai Stock Exchange was re-opened. Then finally, the Clinton Administration pushed to get China admitted to the World Trade Organization, even though China never fully instituted the changes that allowed them to join. China was supposed to become more transparent economically and to abide by International Trade Laws, including laws forbidding copyright infringement. But since then, China has made cheating “an art” form! And all economists agree, China jumped ahead economically because of patent violating production and marketing.

China’s admittance to the WTO was very one-sided. While the Establishment Republicans and Democrats all hailed the agreement, insisting that membership would cause China to play by international rules regarding human rights and freedoms, China never changed its Socialist two-tiered system: The Elite party leaders control most of the wealth, and the rest of the common people (while being fed a bit better), still don’t have basic freedoms that other equally prosperous countries enjoy. Honestly, it’s important to remember that China made the minimum changes it did, joining the WTO – just so it could be a part of the New World Order. According to China Specialist, Gordon Chang – it is believed that in the end China itself will sit atop the New World Order! By China allowing commerce and international banking, this left the Russian economy the only major economy not controlled by world bankers. Over 30 years, Russia went from being the Socialist darling of Western media, to a broken system controlled by Oligarchs and Mafia thugs, run by an ex-KGB operative. But the fact they can’t be controlled by the world banking system, makes them an enemy to: The New World Order! This should explain a lot of bad press – from just before Donald Trump came into office, until today. It’s ironic that the names Obama, Nuland, Biden and Soros along with Russian and Ukrainian Oligarchs, were the same people involved in the totally made-up Trump-Russia scandal while trying to take Trump down.

So here we are, listening to the Media whip us into a frenzy over yet another manufactured war. This one, they say, is even more important than the last one they believed needed to be lost, Afghanistan. So after the Obama-Nuland-Biden-Soros cabal spent 3.5 Billion Dollars (we know of) to foment a coup from a duly elected Ukrainian leader to an “Anti-Russian puppet” in 2014, we’re supposed to be upset that Russia somehow doesn’t like having threats on its immediate border. Ironic, when the USSR put a dozen Nuclear Missiles 90 miles away in Cuba in 1962, it almost started WWIII. Anyone who knows Russian history or the Russian mindset, could have seen this coming. Russia negotiated the Tehran Conference with Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt at the end of WWII, giving them most of Eastern Europe as a “buffer” – all because they feared being attacked. Whether they’re just paranoid or realize they have been vulnerable to foreign invasions (Napoleon, Hitler, etc.), I’ll leave you to decide. The bottom line, American and Western Europe’s funding for the Ukrainian opposition since 2014 to be a surrogate army for the New World Order, bred war, not peace.

First and foremost, it creates a diversion for Joe Biden – arguably the most corrupt president in American history. His disastrous presidency is matched by his equally disastrous poll numbers, even with the best efforts of the state-controlled-media working day and night to cover for him. This diversion clearly makes him an “Artful Dodger,” causing him to fail miserably like most corruptocrat-statist politicians, and still be hailed as a great leader. Mind you, he’s not with it enough to artfully dodge his horrible verbal gaffs and sordid behavior without the constant help of the media. This isn’t anything new, as Bill and Hillary Clinton – as well as Barak Obama were artful dodgers in their own right – and got a pass for the same reasons.

Secondly, so as disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok revealed, the Obama team had an Insurance Policy (i.e. Plan “B”). Just in case Donald Trump won the presidency, driving the Russians to assert power in Ukraine today helps paint Russia and Putin as aggressors, further isolating them. Donald Trump was also not owned by World Bankers, so tying him to Russia and then demagoguing them both, was a two-fold win for the New World Order. Make no mistake, if you look at all the work the New World Order has done and the Billions they have spent to destabilize Ukraine, you’ll understand why Russia has moved into attack mode. I’m not a fan of Putin or Russia, but I’m not at all sure that they are the aggressors in this instance.

Thirdly, this conflict allows the United Nations or some other international body the chance to step in, offering control by the New World Order as a way to “stop the bloodshed.” It gives the New World Order a possible 3-fold victory: 1.) Re-elect Biden as the greatest leader in our times, 2.) Punish Russia and maybe force them into the New World Order. They might even tie Trump to the Ukraine mess, insinuating his failed presidency opened the door to Russian aggression. 3.) Put one of their New World Order surrogates back into power!

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not heartlessly looking past the human tragedy going on in Ukraine. But I am asking all of my readers to do a bit more research before they jump on the “let’s go to nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine” band wagon. I thought the Left-Wing Media were all “anti-war?” So why are they as well as the Conservative voices on Fox News egging us on by citing the horrible cost in life and treasure? Be sure you’re getting real news that is truthful. The Associated Press was already caught using film from Palestinian Terrorists rocketing Israel, showing it as Russian aggression in Ukraine. Sadly, the United States no longer fights for Truth, Justice and Freedom. We’ve spent most of the last 30 years fighting wars for the New World Order. Just remember the falsehoods these same Elites in the Intelligence Community told us about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. To them, the ends always justify the means, no matter how grievous the lie or whom it may hurt.

In closing, consider what Jesus said when Pontius Pilate asked Him why His own people had abandoned Him:

“What have you done?” Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from this world.” (John 18:35-36)

We are not fighting for a political freedom, either here on in Ukraine. We seek freedom that comes from faith in Christ alone, and peace with God! (Galatians 5:1) Don’t let these war mongers scare you into a war.

[If you’re interested, please read this very interesting analysis of Ukraine by former Reagan cabinet member, David Stockman:

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Mar 07, 2022

Great job outlining the historical events leading up to all of this. Unfortunately, as scripture tells us, people love “darkness instead of light” and “suppress the truth by their wickedness.” I’m praying that God does not give us what we deserve.

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