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“Good Times Create Weak Men, and Weak Men Create Hard Times!"

Why are Gen-Z’s and Gen-X’s Cheering On Their Own Destruction?

By Richard Allen – May 8, 2023

By now, you all are aware of my fascination with Sci-Fi, especially those old movies that often speak of Biblical themes and to our darkest fears. Some of these films have been almost “prophetic” in their forecast for the future of Mankind. This is no doubt in part because the human race has an almost Lemming-like urge to self-destruct. The obvious question is, why? One answer I’ve considered over the years is: “Mankind can survive some of the worst hardships, including starvation, the ravages of war, plagues that nearly wipe out entire populations and economic depressions. But one thing Mankind, in our fallen state has yet to figure out, is how to survive Prosperity!” Yes, you heard right, Mankind cannot, and will not long survive the good times.” When things are going well and there is a “chicken in every pot,” men and women are the most vulnerable to fomenting insane death wishes that will bring them to ruin. History shows that just when many civilizations are at their zenith of success, innovation and prosperity, they become totally infatuated with insane ideologies that lead them to “self-destruct.” Here are just a few examples of this phenomenon.

The Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great and the Mayan Empire both collapsed having reached their Zenith. Edward Gibbon’s classic: “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” chronicles a slower march to the abyss, but a collapse that Rome couldn’t stop. While each story is a bit different, there are common themes in the collapse of these great empires. Eminent historians and thinkers are able to detail the steps of a civilization’s collapse, and while all of them cite overextending the empire’s reach with foreign wars, famine, environmental factors, moral collapse and many other factors, I think all of them can be summed up in this quote by G. Michael Hopf:

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

And more than just a great explanation for the devolution of world empires, it is the very same process chronicled in the Book of Judges in the Old Testament. The quote above appears to attribute human success solely to the human spirit rising to meet hard times. As Christians, we know there is another factor: God! Here’s how I’d like to amend the statement above by G. Michael Hopf:

“Hard times brought on by God create men of faith, men of faith create good times by God’s grace. The good times allow men to forget God’s blessings, creating weak men of unbelief. Weak men of unbelief create hard times as God chastens them in their unbelief.”

The Book of Judges is one of those strange Old Testament Books that plays “like a broken record,” that is, the story line keeps repeating over and over again. It goes something like this: “God delivers Israel from bondage with a mighty hand, gives them peace and prosperity in a bountiful land. All He requires is that they keep His Law, and keep from worshiping foreign gods, including detestable practices like offering their children in the fire to Molech. Sadly, within a generation, the Israelites forget God’s deliverance. And because they fail to drive the unbelieving Gentiles from the land, they are compromised through intermarriage and association with these uncircumcised. They begin to worship other gods, and the God of Heaven brings judgment upon them in the form of Gentile rulers, sent to rule over and oppress them. Then Israel cries out to God for a deliverer and He responds, sending them a delivering Judge, who then defeats the opposing ruler, drives the Gentiles out and gives them peace and safety in the land.” Then the cycle begins again.

So, from a human perspective alone, G. Michael Hopf’s quote is basically accurate. The truth is, over and above all that is happening in our world, God is providentially working out His purposes and plans despite the actions of men. In this week’s blog, I’d like to look at the last part of G. Michael Hopf’s dictum about weak men creating hard times. And I’m going to use the 1960 film version of H.G. Wells: “The Time Machine” to do it. At the time this film was made, the world was at the height of the “threat of nuclear war,” so Director George Pal no doubt used the movie to create a dystopian look at the future based on man’s fear of nuclear war. What I’d like to point out is the uncanny resemblance that young adults today, our Gen-X’s and Gen-Z’s have, to the simple, childlike race of men called the Eloi, who lived through a nuclear holocaust just to be “bred for slaughter” by a future race of “barely human mutants,” called Morlocks.

As pictured in both photos, the childlike and pleasure consumed utopia of the Eloi was actually a charade. Sure, they didn’t have to work, and they had bountiful food while enjoying rest in their idyllic paradise, but they had been trained by their captors, the Morlocks, to respond to the sound of the “air raid sirens” that proceeded from a giant black Sphinx. When the sirens sounded, all of the Eloi marched trance-like into the mountain under the Sphinx, never to be seen again. As it turned out, the Eloi were being bred like cattle for the cannibalistic Morlock mutants, who themselves had also survived the nuclear holocaust as disfigured and twisted humans, avoiding sunlight in their underground lair. As I watched our current Eloi, that is the Gen-X and Gen-Z young adults, celebrate the suppression of “free-speech” with Tucker Carlson’s firing, I realized that we have our own Morlocks today as well. Daily we watch the bizarre actions of the perverted and mutant woke crowd who control the mechanisms of modern society: Government, Media, Entertainment and Education. They also use their own Sphinx head (the Media), to create crisis and panic, leading these “dumbed down” Eloi to their own destruction. It doesn’t stop with the suppression of free speech. These Eloi cede all power to the Morlocks today to “decide who lives and dies,” sacrificing human life for their phony claims of “choice” or to “save the environment.” Sadly, Abortion is NOT ABOUT A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE! No, it’s about EMPOWERING THE STATE TO TAKE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING’S LIFE WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW! Then, contrary to the anti-war sentiments of their woke past, they cheer as the United States, under bungling Joe, agitates for Nuclear War with Russia – all to save the corrupt regime of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the foreign piggy bank of the Elite Morlocks.

I have to admit, I marvel at the level of naivety and brainwashing future generations have succumbed to. They are so uninformed and unable to see the scam the Morlocks have foisted on them, they actually beg for their own enslavement. What a rude awakening it will be someday soon, when they realize that their freedoms have been taken away. When there are no coal or fossil fuel generators to power their iPhones, and the only way to keep from starving is to accept their bondage with joyful acquiescence.

Today’s Morlocks will still live quite well in their “gaited communities,” with all of the energy, food and safety they need. Their kids will go to the best schools and they won’t have to worry about the violence that will be breaking out across the land as the gullible Eloi have to fight one another to survive. It may surprise you, but the human race has gone through similar times as previous empires collapsed under the weight of corrupt government, entrenched bureaucracy, endless wars and crushing taxes to pay for the needs of the wealthy. Eventually another empire will impose its will upon the poor Eloi of this land. No doubt, the “Black Sphinx” will be spewing out “fake news” via all their sirens, blaming Christians, Working People, Climate Change Deniers, Mistreatment of LGBT’s, Racism and especially Donald Trump!

Just so I don’t end on a hopeless note, “The Time Machine” does end with a hopeful note for the future. Our hero, H. George Wells helps the Eloi defeat the pathetic Morlocks, whose strength relies solely on their ability to create “panic and fear” in the Eloi by their continuous and fake sirens. All the Eloi needed to do was to “fight back” to defeat them. I hope that just like the Eloi in “The Time Machine,” we’ll see a whole generation of Eloi, emboldened by Faith in God and Love of Freedom, to fight back against the perverted and mutant underground Morlocks and their falsehoods. Most of all, we need the same Faith in a Just and Merciful God that Abraham Lincoln, William Wilberforce, Fredrick Douglas and Martin Luther King Jr. had to resist the onslaught by the “Woke Morlocks” in their days. Today’s Morlocks dwell under every rock in our massive government bureaucracies, both in Washington D.C. and in our State Capitols.

God grant us the courage to fight for what is good and end our slavery (once again)! His truth is marching on.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Louis Cantu
Louis Cantu
May 08, 2023

You are spot on in your assessment and your analogy is perfect! I had forgotten about that movie.

From a strictly secular perspective, what's happening has been in progress for decades. Nikita Khrushchev told us that communists would "Take America without firing a shot," and Yuri Bezmenov told us in 1984 how they were doing it, "Ideological Subversion." They did "march through the insitutions," and took over a large part of government, almost all media, much of academia, hollywood and yes, even the church. Like the serpent in the garden, they have been using their subversion tactics to slowly turn the USA away from our founding principles, which were rooted in God's word. They have used crisis and fear (Pro…

Louis Cantu
Louis Cantu
May 15, 2023
Replying to


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