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The Choice is Yours (No, It's Actually Ours)!

“Either Allow Us to Cancel Trump’s Candidacy, or We’ll Be Forced to Unleash A Vote By Mail Pandemic!” - By Richard Allen – July 31, 2023

It’s getting fairly easy to predict the next movements of the globalist-deep-state actors across the American political scene. I fear that many patriots on the right are confused about what their next moves might be. I also know there are many who believe that Donald Trump’s victory is a sure thing. They not only point to his overwhelming lead in the Republican Primary Field, but his strength across all voting blocs, surprisingly, even among working blue-collar Democrats. There is virtually no-one who is excited about Joe Brandon’s candidacy. And even with his continuous lying and bragging about how he’s fixed everything, and his Build Back Better has been a roaring success, no one (not even his own party), or the Media Sycophants really believe it. And notwithstanding the relentless disinformation campaign by the Fake News to prop up his bumbling presidency, it's really hard to cast Joe Brandon’s Reelection Campaign in a good light. Every economic indicator available proves that Joe Brandon’s corruption as a politician, huckster and habitual liar, IS ONLY ECLIPSED BY HIS INCOMPETENCE AS OUR COMMANDER AND THIEF! Now that’s a real accomplishment!

So the main strategy of the Brandon campaign has been to: CANCEL DONALD TRUMP’S CANDIDACY! This is right out of “Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals” handbook. Why try to run on your own record, especially if you have none, or be forced to defend your own dismal record in office when it’s much easier to discredit your opponent. We’ve seen two of Saul Alinsky’s disciples, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton use this strategy over the past 20 years. Be aware, this approach to obtain power can take several forms, some based on truth and others on fabrication. In the former, people running for office might use their deep-state-lawyers-club connections, to “UNSEAL,” the “SEALED” records of your opponent’s nasty divorce proceeding – ALL IN THE NAME OF TRANSPARENCY. This was the case with Barack Obama in 2004 when he ran for the U.S. Senate against Jack Ryan. Or, it might also be using your deep-state-media-club friends to expose your opponent’s brash sexual talk when he thought he was talking in confidence, as Hillary did to Donald Trump in an “October surprise” when he ran against her in 2016. Deep-state-operatives have infiltrated all the Institutions of Freedom (Courts, Academia, Corporations, Media), even though they don’t believe in Freedom.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that we see Donald Trump, a former successful first term president, targeted for destruction. Regardless of his record of accomplishments in office, he’s now being demonized, harassed, hounded and indicted by the legal machinery that the deep-state controls. So the last three+ years have been one trumped-up phony-baloney charge after another, all from Democrat-controlled regions of the eastern corridor (New York to Washington D.C.), and other Big Blue Democrat-run Welfare Plantations like Atlanta and Philadelphia. It wasn’t enough that they defeated Trump in 2020 by stopping the vote in seven states, using the Post Office as Mules for their Ballot Harvesting and fraudulent voting, and had an electronic voting tabulation that WAS TAMPERED WITH. They don’t just want Trump defeated once, they have to keep him from ever running again, and make certain that the average citizen doesn’t ever think of electing someone that the Deep State hasn’t first selected! They are clearly sending us a message to cease and desist!

Here we sit on the eve of several added indictments and lawsuits that no ex-president, or major political candidate has ever been subjected to. Like Saul Alinsky’s, their reasoning is: “Why should we be faced with having to defeat Trump again by stopping the vote? Or having to rig the counting and use government agencies to harvest votes? We’ve run against him twice before, and both times he beat us. So, why not get him arrested, disqualified or even assassinated?” I say that last word with great caution. I’m not suggesting or condoning it, I’m only telling people that with Trump’s strong polls and a mostly inept slate of Republican Candidates, the deep-state-cronies who control this once great land are getting desperate. “And, desperate people do desperate things.” I will also go on record stating that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is also in serious danger, as were his uncle, John F. Kennedy and his father, Robert F. Kennedy Sr. Saul’s Rules for Radicals calls for eliminating the competition and not running an honest campaign against them. The one thing all of them had or have in common: All were or are wealthy and couldn’t be bought or controlled by the deep-state.

Looking back, I believe the “Tea Party” movement in 2010 was the first time that deep-state-politicians realized that they had actually lost control of the American People. Two points prove this: 1.) The Demonizing of the Tea Party groups as “Perpetrators of Violence, Racists, and Haters,” and 2.) The Republican Party treating Tea Party Patriots like they were “Lepers.” Both actions revealed how much a genuine grass-roots movement of vast blocs of voters had the deep-state scared! I also believe that it was during this period the deep-state-politicians figured out that “We the People” had discovered how the game was played. We were quite upset by the dishonest behavior of the deep-state-sell-outs, both from the Democrat and the Republican Parties. And people across these great “fruited plains” realized there were no longer two traditional political parties of Democrats vs. Republicans, or Liberal vs. Conservative approaches to government. Average people across all political spectrums and regions now understood that the corruption in the Beltway had created two unique categories: 1.) The Political Class and their connected friends within government, lobbyists, academia, finance and the corporate world, and, 2.) “We the People” who paid them our taxes. As the decade moved forward from 2010, this “uni-party” that we now call the deep-state, only functioned for the wellbeing of the political class and not average citizens. Their sole reason for existence was to enrich themselves as the agents of change, bought and paid for by the “next world empire, China,” who was seeking to bring America down in economic dominance and stature. This is definitely true today.

Just so no one misunderstands me, I’m not making a prediction of a world-wide pandemic in 2024. But I am pointing out: If it worked before, they’ll probably do it again. While today there is more understanding of the “political origins of the Wuhan virus” that spread across the globe in 2019 and 2020, there is still enough confusion by the deep-state’s best political allies: The LOW INFORMATION VOTERS! And even now with the alarming information that has started to seep out from the government controlled “blackout” of all contrary news, large groups of Low Information Voters are still in complete denial over their own “gullibility and lack of curiosity” regarding Covid. This all but guarantees that another government developed pathogen could easily be released in late 2023 or early 2024. I can’t think of one down-side for the deep-state. They control both parties, so there will be no opposition or dissent from elected officials. The so-called Republican Party is either: Corrupt, Timid, Complicit, Bought Off or a combination of all four. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO PREVENT IT. And the handful of Conservative Republican voices which might dissent, are powerless to do anything without the help of the “Inept Republican Leadership.” Sure, we might have a few explosive moments in Congressional Committees three or four years down the road, as they “fund-raise” (sometimes called “investigate”) the Usual Suspects for Crimes against the American People, but like every other investigation, nothing will ever come of it.

We also need to understand that Joe Brandon’s unpopularity, and the drag that his corrupt son’s “pay to play scheme” has caused, the Deep-State-Democrats may need to throw him overboard. Sadly, for them, their “bench” is devoid of any high-profile Democratic candidates that are any better. Our “word-salad-foot-in-your-mouth” Vice President is almost as unpresentable as Joe Brandon. And since the handsome, well-spoken Governor of California has one of the worst records in a terribly mismanaged state, he won’t be any easier to drag across the finish line than Hillary was in 2016. And if Trump does get the nomination, and manages to stay out of jail, THEY WILL BE FORCED TO CANCEL ALL “IN-PERSON VOTING!” The way it looks now, Candidate Donald Trump could easily get 90 to 100 Million votes, which would make the 2020 methods of fraudulent voting quite hard, if not impossible to accomplish. But, if they can PREVENT “IN-PERSON VOTING,” they would force all Voting to be done by Mail, or, ALLOW HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF VOTES ONLINE! Trust me, they are ready for either or both, and will surely make it look like a close, but decisive victory for whatever “deep-state-puppet” they choose to run. But the outcome is foreordained.

In closing, I must say there is one game-changer that not even the deep-state-cronies can anticipate, or defeat: The God of Heaven. To some, it appears that God is finished with “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” deciding that “the cup of our iniquity is full and it’s time to judge.” He has done so countless other times to other vast empires who became rich, decadent and debauched with sin! One bright point of light recently appeared in the form of a movie, “The Sound of Freedom.” A movie that is pricking America’s conscience and hearts, calling many to ask the honest question: “How did we descend to the point of allowing the trafficking of children to be abused or possibly murdered by the Deep-State Elites?” As Abraham pleaded with God, trying to intervene for Sodom, maybe if God found enough righteous men and women, He would delay His justice and grant us deliverance. In that case, there may be a Day of Reckoning for those who have perpetrated great evil, all in the name of governing (ruling) over the people.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Absolutely! We need to go back to paper ballots, VOTER ID AND IN PERSON!!! NO MAIL IN BALLOTS with usual and customary exceptions and BALLOTS TALLIED BY OLD FASHIONED COUNTERS!!! STOP THE FRAUD!


Daniel Millard
Daniel Millard
Aug 02, 2023

Should check out the two teenagers found dead on rail tracks. They had apparently witnessed a guns for drugs deal. The documentary on brit TV was ended just after the first add break with nothing broadcast for the alloted program time with no explanation by channel 4 or in the press the following days.

Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo
Aug 05, 2023
Replying to

Those would be the ones that were killed in Arkansas. Drug smugglers were using a small airport there.

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