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“The Compliant Generation”

How did Radicals from the 60’s and 70’s Raise Total Conformists?

By Richard Allen – September 11, 2023

Many writers have commented on the generational shift in attitudes that was revealed by the Covid Lockdowns. As a child of the 1960’s, my generation seemed to question everything, even when it didn’t need to be questioned. My years as a teenager happened during the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement and the Sexual Revolution. These were turbulent times. My generation claimed that we didn’t “trust anyone over 30.” Boy, have times changed. Don’t get me wrong, we still have violent groups like BLM and Antifa who are agitating for change – all wanting power for their group or cause. But the big difference is: Radical Groups in Today’s Culture ARE ALL FUNDED BY, AND ENABLED BY THE GOVERNMENT – especially the Department of Justice! Now that’s a whole different generational take on “Rebels without a Cause” that was acceptable before. So the big question I’ll try to answer in this week’s blog is: “Why are young people today such conformists, willing to submit unquestioningly to the Man (i.e. the authority structures) in their world?

Don’t get me wrong, as Christians we are told to be obedient to the authorities that be (Romans 13:1-6). But that authority ends when government asks us to violate our faith or do harm to ourselves and others. So, I may not fully answer the question, but hopefully I will add to the discussion. To answer this question as to “why the young today are so compliant with authority,” especially government authority, let me offer five answers: 1.) Desire to be accepted by the crowd. 2.) Fear that being different will result in being shunned, punished or worse. 3.) 1960’s Radicals are now the Man, that is, they are in positions of Authority. 4.) Modern men today believe in and worship the so-called experts in any field, regardless of their actual experience, behavior or track record, and 5.) Satan’s Deception.

At the top of my list, 1.) “A desire to be accepted by the crowd” is a strong motivation for most young people today. They, like all of us, want to be accepted and loved by others. But over the past generation, that desire to be loved and accepted has reached a crescendo, amplified by the declining influence of religion and the nuclear family (that is a family structure where both a father and mother are present in the home). Entire volumes have been written detailing the waning influence of the Church, Family and Virtue. Parents from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond, have not done a good job grounding their children in the beliefs that we once took for granted. Family, Faith, Freedom, Mom and Apple Pie seem quaint and out of date notions to the current generation. In the place of Transcendent Faith and Family Values – The Media, especially the Entertainment Industry, holds sway over the thoughts and minds of the young.

And since 2000, Social Media has become the only social connection that many children and young adults know. The feelings of self-esteem and acceptance in many young adults has been twisted to mean being liked or given a thumbs up on social media. Just saying it makes it sound ridiculous, but it’s true. We’ve all been subject to bullying for some reason. It’s part of man’s fallen nature that we enjoy shaming a certain group or individual for either a real or perceived character flaw or weakness. The bullying was formerly done in public where parents, teachers or other adults could mitigate or correct it. Now it happens online, and many of our young grow up only knowing the affirmation they receive electronically. And since Social Media can be a “cesspool” of varying degrees of truth, disinformation and smut, young adults who have no reference point grounded in truth, are easy prey to be brainwashed. Propaganda and religious zeal over climate change (formerly called the Weather), engenders great fear and panic in the uninformed young.

Closely related to point number one is 2.) Fear that being different would result in shunning or punishment from the “in-group.” This cannot be overstated. Young people today are easily misled – not by arguments or facts, but by their emotions and perception of being included and accepted. No doubt, some of this is a normal process of moving from adolescence to adulthood, but much of it has its origin in having a self-image originating in group identity. Even young people raised in the Church struggle as their identity moves from a child under parental guidance to becoming a responsible adult. For young people who are firmly grounded in their faith, their identity comes from their Christ-image and not from what those around them think. “If any man boast let him boast in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 1:31). It’s no wonder that a generation of unchurched young adults, coming from broken homes or raised by other children, struggle to know who they are. As a result, the Social Group to which they belong – especially in High School and College, can be all determining for the modern teen longing to identify and belong. This creates enormous pressure to comply.

3.) The Radicals of the 1960’s are now in positions of Authority. This really hit home for me with the Bill Clinton presidency. Our first fatherless president who not only smoked marijuana, but lied about it (“of course he didn’t inhale”). And since I’m part of that generation, I can say as a whole, we raised our children to “feel” more than “think.” And as parents we Baby Boomers raised the first generation of unchurched, relativistic “there is no wrong or right” Americans. If we Baby Boomers were spoiled by the post-war affluence of the 1950’s and 60’s, our children had almost no concept of the cost of the prosperity and freedoms we enjoyed. Couple that with a “godless” lack of virtue among many of their parents, these young people (with the help of Western Marketing) all believe that they deserve the good life and the best technology. 4.) Modern Americans virtually worship anyone with “expert” status, especially when it comes from the fields of Medicine and Science. Expert is a label that doesn’t really mean what some think. The experts in our Post-Christian world are often people who are merely “credentialed” by “anti-God institutions,” which have no connection to workable or successful beliefs or actions. We could cite multiple examples of this “Science, falsely so-called” as Paul the Apostle labeled the Gnostics who claimed to possess special knowledge in his day (1 Timothy 6:20). The most egregious example of expert worship is our devotion to the Legacy Media and their daily parade of so-called experts, who all seem to be reading from the same script. And they have one common theme: SHUT UP, COMPLY WITH YOUR GOVERNMENT AND STOP QUESTIONING ANYTHING THAT OFFENDS YOUR BELIEFS!

No place has this Compliance been seen more fully than in the recent government sponsored pandemic. Since 2020, the Radical Authorities who were then in control, deceived us about Covid’s origins and the sham treatments prescribed by FDA and Government Experts. Couple that with the censorship of real doctors who were prevented from providing actual treatments that could have saved lives – plus Covid, led to 1.1 Million deaths in the U.S. alone. I can say that I was shocked at the unquestioned gullibility of many people (some in my own circle) who asked no questions but just obediently acquiesced to the “mask mandate,” the “shutdowns to reduce the curve” and the “sheltering (quarantining) in place.” There was no real science, and the government spokesmen were daily talking out of both sides of their mouth. My “spider senses” alarmed me to the fabrications that we were hearing daily. And even President Donald Trump was not immune from complying with the “so-called experts,” who we all now know, were lying about everything. Lucky for Trump, V.P. Mike Pence, a man of low integrity, provided him with DOCTOR FAUCI’S PHONY INFORMATION ON THE COVID RESPONSE!

This leads me to 5). Satan’s deception! The betrayal by many governments and their deliberate infecting of the masses with a deadly human engineered pathogen, has all the earmarks of the “evil one.” And releasing the pathogen was also the ruse to “scare billions of people into taking a dangerous vaccine” that they all knew had serious side-effects, some that we’ll be dealing with in increased cancers and deaths for years to come. All this was done to initiate the “Great Reset” – which many major governments signed onto, being coerced by the world financial system. If you ask: “Why would they do this?” The answer is: Because a handful of rich men and women want to cull the heard of humanity of at least 2 Billion souls: And in the process, bring in a New World Order in which they control who lives, who eats, who gets healthcare and every facet of human life. ALL THIS FOR THE GOOD OF HUMANITY, as they tell us! How ironic, Klaus Schwab – head of the World Economic Forum (WEF) wrote a book where he details this plan in “the flowered language of a future utopia” called: “Covid-19: The GREAT RESET"

This plan has all the signs of a satanic deception: a.) He’s the father of LIES, b.) He hates humanity – made in the image of God, c.) His modus operandi (mode of operation) has always been to appear as an angel of light, bringing something good to mankind, and d). He delights to destroy any part of God’s creation! This should make us all weep in despair. But what makes my heart break is the VIRTUAL COMPLIANCE OF VAST SEGMENTS OF HUMANITY! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is the end, “no man knows the day or the hour” (Matthew 24:36), but I do think Covid-19 was a first phase “test run” to see how “THE COMPLIANT GENERATION” would respond. And to the joy of the New World Order, the test succeeded splendidly. There are some people who have actually awakened and are ready to resist the next phase of the “Great Reset.” Sadly, when people are once again dying – AND MEN’S HEARTS ARE FAILING THROUGH FEAR with the next virus / food shortage / depression / power outages, all but a few of the faithful will succumb to the deception. For those who know and love Our Lord Jesus Christ, we are not promised lives without trials or temptations, but we are promised: “I will never leave you, nor will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). We need to resist and stand up for the downtrodden and poor, who will suffer the worst of the ”Great Reset,” but we also need to share the “Gospel of Jesus Christ to a starving world.” The only thing that will counter the coming mass fear, is FAITH!

Compliance takes no stamina or courage. It’s the easiest path for fearful men and women. We need to give them REAL HOPE and GOOD NEWS if they are to resist! Only real faith will endure to the end.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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