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The Democrat Party’s Real Focus:

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

“Projecting, instead of Working on Issues that Matter to Americans”

By Richard Allen – August 29, 2022

One of my favorite movie quotes comes from John Travolta, yes Vinny Barbarino from the 1970’s hit television comedy, “Welcome Back Kotter.” Years later, in 2001, John made a slick thriller about Counterterrorism, called “Swordfish.” In the movie Travolta plays a less than ethical government agent, supposedly raising funds to stop terrorism before it happens. Travolta’s character, who’s really only interested in personal enrichment, explains the mechanism that will allow his plan to succeed:

“Have you ever heard of Harry Houdini? Well, he wasn’t like today’s Magicians who are only interested in television ratings. He was an artist. He could make an Elephant disappear in the middle of a theatre filled with people. And do you know how he did that? Misdirection. What the eyes see and the ears hear – the mind believes.”

It’s clear to me that the real Harry Houdinis’ today are: The Democrat Party and their accomplices in the State Controlled Media! They have mastered the art of Misdirection to the point where at least 25 – 30% of the Voting Public actually believe their fabrications. Not to confuse you, but one of their most successful ways that Misdirection is used is in the practice of Projection. Here’s how thinker, James Hirsen, explains the phenomenon of Projection:

“Moral projection occurs when an individual experiences feeling of guilt over acts that he or she has committed or omitted. This individual may subsequently find the uncomfortable feelings difficult to confront and/or manage. The conduct, or lack thereof, which evoked the feelings of guilt, also frequently becomes very difficult for an individual to own. Using the defense mechanism concept, an individual may assign to another individual or group the same attitude and behavior that initially generated his or her own attendant guilt. In other words, take your blame and pin it on another. Moral projection has been used extensively by Democrats in their ongoing war against anyone who would get in the way of their agenda du jour. It continues to be wielded as one of their main political and propaganda weapons.”

Here are a few examples of the Moral Projection (misdirection) practiced by the Democrats:

Six years after the initial Misdirection / Projection, the actual FACTS now prove that it was not Donald J. Trump, but it was the Democratic Candidate – Hillary Clinton, her team and party who: Colluded with Russian and Ukrainian Oligarchs, paid for a phony dossier, then funneled false accusations through the FBI and CIA – all to accuse Candidate and later President Donald J. Trump of colluding with the Russians to steal the election. This is Projection, accusing Trump of what they themselves were actually doing. But it was also Misdirection, perpetrated to keep us from realizing how Hillary Clinton and former President Obama had weaponized American Law Enforcement, especially the Department of Justice and the FBI, to go after their political enemies. Here are a few projection examples to prove my point:

“In order to deflect from the fact that the Democrats and their media allies have for months enabled violence in cities across the country, they falsely claim that the violence was caused by, as (then) Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said, “white supremacist groups menacing our communities.”

“In order to distract from candidate Biden’s numerous mental lapses, Democrats publicly accused President Donald Trump of having mental focus issues following his medical treatment for Covid 19.”

“Democrats and the complicit media are fomenting fears over whether President Trump will accept the results of the upcoming election, while former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton publicly advises Biden not to do so “under any circumstances” and the campaign hires hundreds of lawyers to go to court to contest election results.”

I could fill up a dozen pages with just the more flagrant examples that we see today. The Democrats – controlling much of the “machinery of government” know that just the accusation and the Media’s “constant drum-beat” of fabricated lies – projected over many news cycles, will keep the heat on and put Trump constantly on the defensive. Oh sure, three or four years down the road it will all be proven to be false, and that it was actually “projected” by the Dems and the complicit State-Controlled Media. But by that time they will have scored their political points and influenced an electorate of “low information voters.” And even informed voters will tend to be “cowed” and fearful to fight back – lest they be accused of being guilty, complicit or cancelled by the woke mob.

Most recently, one of our true intellectuals here in the United States, Victor Davis Hansen was on Fox describing the “Projection” that Democrats use against their enemies:

“They (the Democrats) are talking nonstop about civil war. They really are. And they do things that are revolutionary. I mean, nobody on the right said let’s junk the 233-year-old electoral college – the 180-year- old filibuster – the 150-year-old nine-person supreme court. Nobody said ‘Let’s bring in two more states or end the 50 state union, an idea we’ve held for 60 years.’ When you look at what they have actually done, they have failed at that, but nobody in the Republican party tore up the State of the Union address on national TV like Nancy Pelosi did. No Speaker, not Newt Gingrich, nor Paul Ryan, nor anyone else, ever said you can’t to the minority party. You can’t have these people (the other party) on committees.’ That was a revolutionary thing to do in the House. Nobody goes outside the homes of Justice Kagan, thank God, or Justice Sotomayor. There are not right-wing assassins that show up out there. And when you look at the literature that’s coming out, if you look at The New Republic, The Nation, these leftwing venues, all you hear is ‘Blue Exit’ and ‘It’s time for Secession’…and ‘We can’t live with each other.’ Or if you read Time Magazine, that classic article by Molly Ball in February 2021, where she gushed, and was actually giddy, outlining what she called was a conspiracy to change radically the voting laws to inject $400-500 million to alter the way we voted for a century, so that 70% of the votes would not be cast on election day even as the rejection rate would decline by a magnitude of 7 or 8 of the individual ballots” (meaning virtually all votes would be accepted from other non-verifiable means).

Hopefully you can see where I’m going. The Democrats are the real Radical Revolutionaries. They project what they themselves long to do: “To Radically Change the United States of America!” They plan on toppling our Constitutional Government as founded – and replacing it with the “New World Order” in its place. We don’t have to guess what they are planning; they tell us every day by the projections and false accusations they level against the Conservatives in the Republican Party. And it’s here that we should all be most concerned. The Republican Party is made up of 45 – 50% Trump supporting Patriots. Another 20 – 25% of Moderate Conservatives – who don’t like the direction of the country or the radicalism of the extreme left in the Democrat Party. But it’s the final 25% of the “entrenched political class Republicans” who won’t change. People who have been in government for 20 – 40 years and have tasted the “sweet suckle of the mother’s milk of politics,” MONEY! This political class has neutered the Republican Party.

It’s interesting that history’s most egregious example of projection / misdirection was: The Jewish Leaders accusing Jesus Christ of “fomenting a rebellion against Caesar and getting Him convicted and executed.” Here is a passage from John 18:28-37 showing the narrative:

“Then they led Jesus from Caiaphas’ presence into the palace. It was now early morning and the Jews themselves did not go into the palace, for fear that they would be contaminated and would not be able to eat the Passover. So Pilate walked out to them and said, “What is the charge that you are bringing against this man?” “If he were not an evil-doer, we should not have handed him over to you,” they replied. To which Pilate retorted, “Then take him yourselves and judge him according to your law.” “We are not allowed to put a man to death,” replied the Jews (thus fulfilling Christ’s prophecy of the method of his own death). So Pilate went back into the Palace and called Jesus to him. “Are you the king of the Jews?” he asked. “Are you asking this of your own accord,” replied Jesus, “or have other people spoken to you about me?” “Do you think I am a Jew?” replied Pilate. “It’s your people and your chief priests who handed you over to me. What have you done, anyway?”My kingdom is not founded in this world – if it were, my servants would have fought to prevent my being handed over to the Jews. But in fact my kingdom is not founded on all this!” “So you are a king, are you?” responded Pilate. “Indeed I am a king,” Jesus replied; “the reason for my birth and the reason for my coming into the world is to witness to the truth. Every man who loves truth recognizes my voice.” To which Pilate retorted, “What is ‘truth’?” and went straight out again to the Jews and said: “I find nothing criminal about him at all” (John 18:28-37).

It's important to remember what was going on among the privileged class of leaders among the Jewish people at that time. The Jewish people had fought repeatedly for the previous 600+ years to free themselves from the Gentile governments that had conquered and enslaved them, starting with Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and finally Rome who now ruled all the known world. In the end, it was the Jews themselves who would revolt and bring upon themselves total destruction by Roman armies in 70 A.D. I can’t state this too bluntly, JESUS WAS NOT THE ONE ADVOCATING ARMED RESISTANCE AGAINST ROME, NOR WAS HE SEEKING A POLITICAL KINGDOM! Pilate, the Roman procurator, was so convinced of this that he states plainly in John 18:39 that: “I find nothing criminal about Him at all!” It was the Jewish leaders who desired to rebel and gain political freedom from Rome – even while pretending to be loyal subjects! This was all projection and misdirection to keep themselves from losing their privileged status (John 11:47-48). They called Jesus a “drunkard and tax-evader,” yet Scripture tells us He was neither (Matthew 17:27; Luke 7:34). They were the corrupt political class who devoured widows’ houses (Mark 12:40).

Truth be told, the Jewish leaders – especially among the dominant ruling groups of Scribes and Pharisees liked their positions of power and preeminence. In the end, it was easy to goad Pilate into condemning a man whom he knew to be innocent:

“From that moment, Pilate tried hard to set him free but the Jews were shouting, “If you set this man free, you are no friend of Caesar! Anyone who makes himself out to be a king is anti-Caesar!” When Pilate heard this, he led Jesus outside and sat down upon the Judgment-seat in the place called the Pavement (in Hebrew, Gabbatha). It was preparation day for the Passover and it was now getting on toward midday. Pilate said to the Jews, “Look, here’s your king!” At which they yelled, “Take him away, take him away, crucify him!” “Am I to crucify your king?” Pilate asked them. “Caesar is our king and no one else,” replied the chief priests. And at this Pilate handed Jesus over to them for crucifixion (John 19:12-16).

We’re witnessing the same behavior today, especially from Mitch McConnell who I’m convinced, knows that Trump was innocent of any of the myriad of accusations that have been and are still being made against him. But like Pontius Pilate – Mitch knows that the fix is in. The entrenched political class in both parties don’t want any disruption in their way of life. And like Pilate, in the end it’s far easier to condemn an innocent man than to lose your own privilege, or worse, to be investigated yourself for corruption and treason. I pray for a generation of Citizen Servants, who are no longer members of the political class, but those who long to serve for the good of the American people. And I pray for a revival among the American people. People walking in faith are more likely to seek the truth and not be deceived by the Projection / Misdirection of evil men and women who accuse others of what they themselves are doing!

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