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“The Road to Hell is Paved With: Democrat Talking Points!”

By Richard Allen – May 2, 2022

“The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions” is a saying that’s been attributed to many men over the past 1,000 years – including English author and moralist, Samuel Johnson (1775). It may have been said originally by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153). Regardless of who actually said it first, the phrase is an astute observation of mankind and our failures in making good decisions or being effective in putting those decisions to work.

There are several thoughts that come to mind. It’s reported that the ocean liner Titanic’s crew at White Star Line, were cocky and overconfident. They said the Titanic was so seaworthy, that “not even God could sink her.” This ranks as one of the worst boasts of all time. Howard Hughes was given a government contract to build a huge transport plane for the Army, twice as long as today’s C-130, this plane soon became called the “Spruce Goose” because of its cost overruns and delays. The project was a fiasco from the get go, and you guessed it – the plane never flew. Skylab, the first space station ever to be sent into space, returned to earth years before schedule and the best efforts to move it farther out failed, bringing the 118’ tall, 77-ton space station crashing back to earth. Then there is Boston’s Big Dig, a project to re-route a central artery of Interstate I-93. This became the most expensive highway project in the U.S., suffering from the worst planning, cost overruns and corruption. For each of these endeavors, the intentions of well-meaning men and women were shown to be faulty, with their folly being openly criticized and immortalized for posterity for their failure to deliver intended benefits.

The American Welfare system paid people who couldn’t work, turned into paying people to not work, then encouraged them to completely drop out of society as responsible adults. That’s the goal of this Blog, to critique the consistently failed policies and programs that the Progressive Democrat Left has proposed, designed, and implemented for the past 70 years. We can honestly say they have a near perfect record, IN THAT NONE OF THEIR PROGRAMS HAVE EVER SUCCEEDED! It’s here that I’m reminded of a sappy line made popular back in the 1970’s with an equally sappy movie, Love Story starring Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neil. I remember my young wife to be thinking the movie and the sappy line were a moving tribute to “true love.” Please forgive me if I sound crass, but even at the time I wasn’t sure I liked the movie or the sappy line. Truth is, that line is based on a lie. True love always says it’s sorry, it makes amends and it seeks to repair the damage caused by bad behavior. Only in the pretend world of the Left, people who fail DON’T SAY “SORRY!” Unless you’re dysfunctional, we learned to say sorry in Kindergarten. But apparently, Progressive Democrats in this country took that line from a movie as a Guiding Principle. No matter how often or how badly their programs and promises fail (Near 100% Failure Rate), they never acknowledge or say sorry for their blatant lies or exaggerated promises. Remember: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?”

We Americans must have forgotten Samuel Johnson’s phrase about good intentions. It’s not enough to intend to do good, our prisons are filled with men and women who claim to have had good intentions. But today we live in a world where regardless of actual outcomes, Good Intentions appear to be all that matters – especially when the Good Intentions originate with Progressive Democrats! An increasing number of political pundits now agree that Joe Brandon’s “Build Back Better” is a “Big Broken Bust.” I think it’s time to ask “Why?” How could anyone, even in those in the “Lap Dog Media” have believed Joe Brandon could make anything better? Has this life-long-corruptocrat ever proposed or legislated any program that worked? Has Joe ever designed, proposed or implemented any government program that actually did what he said it would do? Has he or his party ever fixed anything, even a little problem? Truth is, no one can point to one thing that his 50+ years in Legislative Office and say: “Wow, Joe really helped fix a problem or lift up the little guy.” The only thing Joe has ever done is to Lift Up his corrupt shyster buddies, who signed on to his programs for the sole purpose of getting rich off the U.S. Taxpayer. Joe also has a “Perfect Record of Failure!”

I also recommend that you get a Progressive Democrat Glossary so you can understand what they really mean when they are lying to you. They never actually tell you what their programs are designed to do or give them a truthful label. As an example, let’s take Affordable Housing. Sounds good, right? Who wouldn’t want the poor to be able to afford a home, or a decent a place to live? But to be more accurate, the program is actually: Let’s put the poor (of whom most are minorities) in government-built ghettos and slums, so they aren’t mobile and won’t bother us Elites in our “Gated Communities” and “Country Clubs.” Anyone who knows about Chicago’s Cabrini Green or any of the other Affordable Housing projects, knows full well that they were never designed to provide good or safe homes for the poor. They were a means of segregating the poor into areas where they could be controlled.

Or another example would be Women’s Health Services. Again, who would be against anyone’s health, much less women’s health. But the actual programs are NEVER about women’s health or any other issues, they’re ALWAYS AND ONLY ABOUT ABORTION, ABORTION, ABORTION! If these Progressive Democrats were honest, they’d call these health services: Let’s cull the herd of humankind by killing off a generation of minorities and lower classes that we deem undesirable. You may be laughing at me, but trust me – that’s what Margaret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood actually believed about women’s health. She called minorities: “Human Weeds.” I could easily replicate these examples with many others. Just a few titles to give you the gist: Green Energy – which in reality is: Let’s provide Billions in slush money to our friends who have useless, unworkable solutions that will make us all rich and feel like we’re doing something to save mother earth, but aren’t really doing anything.

This is the genius of their Good Intentions – they get rich off the public coffers and get to feel superior while absolving themselves of any guilt for the decadent, selfish lives they lead - BUT NEVER REALLY HAVE TO PRODUCE ANY REAL RESULTS! The reason why we know that my assessment is absolutely right is: THEY HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS THAT THEIR PROGRAMS DON’T DELIVER AS PROMISED – YET KEEP OFFERING THEM! That’s why Joe Brandon’s “Build Back Better” was such a joke! Joe Brandon has never built anything! He and his party’s only abilities are as “parasites,” feeding off a living American Taxpayer. While there no doubt are some Kool-Aid drinkers who actually believe the Progressive Democrat sales pitch, virtually all of the higher echelon of Elites know that they never intend to fix anything or make life better for the working poor. They do intend to get rich at the public trough!

As amazing as it may seem, these self-centered men and women who do everything for show -- never intending to deliver any benefit for those whom they govern. They are judged not by results, but by their good intentions and glowing speeches in which they promise utopia, but deliver nothing. Jesus had something to say about similar men in His day who had figured out a way to use their “haughty speech and outward show” to make a fast buck:

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” (Matthew 6:1-4)

I should point out, that these Religious Hypocrites that Jesus spoke of, actually had given some money to the impoverished, but like our modern “Well-Intentioned-Do-Gooders” today, they did it for other reasons than to actually help them. They did it for their own glory and praise. You would think that wanting the “praise of men” alone would propel these well-intentioned corruptocrats to desire to accomplish something. But they’ve found that – EVEN WITH ABJECT AND REPEATED FAILURES, THE PROPAGANDA MEDIA CAN MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE HEROES! Just as in the passage before us, Jesus makes it clear that “the praise of men” will be their only reward. Their intentions were all that mattered, doing their good deeds for the “photo-op” and receiving the praise of other men in this life would be their only payment. Jesus taught that when we do give, we are to do so without drawing attention to ourselves, so our Father would reward us openly. Jesus would have had stern words for the “Build-Back-Better” crowd who have wrought havoc on the economy, allowed a foreign invasion of our southern border, doubled gas prices and pushed food prices to the point where people are not able to feed themselves. These crimes were being done while fleecing the public for Trillions in personal cash and then patting themselves on the back for their wonderful governance and compassion.

Sadly, if we apply Einstein’s rule, “You can’t keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results,” to these Progressive Democrat’s horrible policies, they look even more sinister. Why do they continue to make the same policy mistakes over and over and over again? I for one don’t actually believe that they expect different results. They are convinced that the American voter is extremely stupid and gullible. And whatever they tell them to believe through the State-Controlled-Media, they will believe! Never forget, their failed programs are just vehicles to “enrich themselves and their friends.” Let’s look at one of their worst failures, the “War on Poverty.” The verdict of well-intentioned programs launched by Democrats and unprincipled “Republicans In Name Only” (RINO’s), during the Great Society in the mid-1960’s, is now in: We’ve spent Trillions of Dollars and yet there are more poor and hopeless souls in Big Democrat Controlled Ghettos than before the “War On Poverty” was declared! Their cities look like bombed out war zones in Post-WWII Europe!

We lost the “War on Poverty” but wait, they still pump more money each year into these same programs. If the programs had worked, wouldn’t we have wiped out poverty? Wouldn’t all of the bloated government agencies and bureaucracies have ceased to exist? That’s the whole point, they don’t want to win this war! The sad truth is that most government programs are bloated bureaucracies that accomplish little considering the amounts of money spent. If Corporate America ran our businesses the same way, they’d all be bankrupt. Again, that’s the real goal – they’re not trying to fix a problem, cure a social ill, lift anyone up out of poverty or improve lives, the Progressive Democrats only want to INCREASE PUBLIC DEPENDENCY ON THEM TO KEEP THEM IN POWER! As long as the masses believe that “they have good intentions,” up to this point – no one has ever held them accountable.

But there is a different sentiment that has arisen from regular men and women who work for a living. They aren’t satisfied with good intentions – even if their favorite Hollywood Narcissist tells them that these programs are humane, and have lifted up the downtrodden, people are waking up. Crazy as it seems, Providence raised up a wealthy man who understood how the game was rigged and how these “well-intentioned elites” have enriched themselves at the expense of the common people. That unlikely champion was a businessman from Queens in New York, Donald Trump. If nothing else, the Donald has taught regular people that we can fight back against the corruption that has consumed both political parties: That we don’t have to accept Government “Of the Elites, By the Well-Connected and For the Political Class.”

Only time will tell, but I pray that the day will come when the corrupt in both parties will actually be held accountable, not for having “Good Intentions” or giving flowery speeches – but for actually governing in the people’s best interest and not their own! Ronald Reagan once said: “You can get a lot accomplished in life, if you aren’t worried about who will get the credit.” Oh, how we long for principled “citizen-legislators” who will be more worried about how the God of Heaven sees them, than how they sell their good intentions to be “seen by men” and make a fast buck!

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