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“Then a new Joseph came to power, who knew nothing about King or what he had done.”

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

By Richard Allen – January 17, 2022

Many of you will recognize my deliberately misquoted title, from Exodus 1:8, (NLT):

“A new king came to power, who knew nothing about Joseph or what he had done.”

This scripture, at the start of the Book of Exodus, picks up the narrative from the end of the previous book of Genesis, with Joseph, the Jewish patriarch ruling as the prime minister in Egypt. His father and brothers with their entire families had immigrated to Egypt to avoid a world-wide famine, and live under Joseph’s rule. From that point forward, things went from good to bad for the Jewish people and their descendants living in Egypt. In fact, the whole sad story of Jewish bondage to the Egyptians starts with this one verse. The rest of the book of Exodus is the story of the Egyptians and their kings forgetting everything about ‘Joseph the dreamer,’ or what he had done to save Egypt and her people from a world-wide famine.

Since today is “Martin Luther King Day,” I thought it fitting to write something to honor the legacy of this great man and his fearless faith, and to contrast him with a befuddled king (President Biden), and his party’s total ignorance of Dr. Martin Luther King and his work to call America back to freedom. It’s bad enough that the Democrats' social engineering in Black Communities has erased what gains may have been accomplished from his work. They appear to be on a mission to wipe out his legacy and turn him into a social justice warrior who cared nothing about the content of a person’s character, only the color of a person’s skin. It’s especially sad for MLK’s children & grandchildren who must now live under slavery once again!

To quote Kevin Spacey’s character (Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint) in The Usual Suspects: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." I would add, “The greatest trick the Democrat Party ever pulled was convincing the world that they weren’t the authors and defenders of Slavery!” That may be a mouthful, but it’s entirely true. And while they have gone to great lengths to try and re-write history, the truth still stands that the Democrat Party was the party of the Dixiecrat South. They fought for Slavery, authored “Jim Crow Laws,” and one of their adherents (Nathan Bedford Forest) started the military wing of the Democrat Party, the Ku Klux Klan – all to prevent Black people from voting and owning property! And the shame of it, they have managed to re-direct the blame to the Republican Party, the party that was formed to end Slavery! Now that’s an amazing trick if you can pull it off!

I won’t waste time trying to rebuff the silly “southern strategy” of Nixon, or the so-called “switch” they say supposedly happened after the Democrats saw the light (i.e. the Republican Party became the party of White Nationalism and Racism, and the Democrat Party became the party who defended African Americans). There just isn’t any historical data or record to show that these theories are anything but an artful dodge. Dinesh D’Souza has done a masterful job doing just that in movies, debates, and in writing. For those to whom narrative and spin is all that matters, no amount of factual reasoning will convince them otherwise. But for those to whom facts matter, they can easily verify what is true: The Democrat Party fought to keep Blacks enslaved. So, it’s to them I write today. Let me contend that some of the major gains that MLK accomplished, have been undone and a national amnesia has intentionally been induced over much of our culture, and its established structures. Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter are easy examples to cite.

How ironic that as many will laud Dr. King today on his national holiday, many of those same voices believe that he was naïve at best, and actually did great harm to the plight of African Americans by not advocating a total revolution, and complete Marxist-Socialist overthrow of America and her “RACIST INSTITUTIONS!” They’re at least partially right, Dr. Martin Luther King did not seek a revolution, or to overthrow the United States of America. No, he sought to change our minds and attitudes toward each other, and he appealed to our Christian faith and the scriptures to accomplish much more than any Marxist-Communist ideology ever has, or ever will! The core of Dr. King’s message was to: “Rise up and live out the true meaning of our creeds.

And what did Dr. King believe our creeds meant:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” (1776 Declaration of Independence)

Dr. King was not looking to tear down and rebuild, but rather to call America back to her founding, to the principles that made us Free, and to live out our creeds as our Founders hoped we would. That is his legacy!

But something strange happened on the way to “equal treatment under the law.” The whole movement was hijacked by dishonorable men and women looking for the same thing fallen men and women have always sought: Money, Power, Prestige, Possessions”. . . the same sad story of man. The Civil Rights Movement became big business, and the major proponents became millionaires wearing Brooks Brothers' suits! And this big business also gave political power to those who were made wealthy by the “Race Industry!” Overnight, a new breed of politician-entrepreneur came to be: “The Race Hustler!” The formula was simple: 1.) Find (or create) a situation or event where Racism has been exhibited and minorities have been victimized, 2.) Under the guise of making people aware, step in and “enflame” the situation – often causing more pain, destruction and even death 3.) Offer a solution that will somewhat calm the situation, with apologies, and initiate the transfer money or power to themselves, 4.) Gain personal wealth, and enshrine and commemorate the event – BUT NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, FIX THE UNDERLYING CAUSE! Why kill the Goose that lays a Golden Egg?

That formula was used first by Jessie Jackson, the self-appointed heir of MLK and his Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and then later by Al Sharpton. Both men claim to be reverends, that is Christ's men of the cloth – but as history has recorded their behavior, the title reverend is where their Christianity begins and ends, with a label and an occasional fiery political sermon in a Church. While this pair have affectionately been called the justice brothers, one question should be asked and answered: “Have the lives of poor African Americans anywhere ever been made better by their actions?” The answer is: Not really! While these Race Hustlers certainly became wealthy and lived in opulence, the poor inner-city souls they pretend to represent, have not seen their lives bettered, but rather worsened. If they got better, they’d no longer need Race Hustlers like the Justice Brothers!

By contrast, Dr. King's legacy is definitely one of faith, hope and progress. He changed the way we looked at each other, and opened doors that had institutionally been closed since our founding. The sad truth is, while our Founding Fathers all knew that Slavery was a blight, a scourge that would eventually have to be addressed, out of necessity they partially kicked the ball down the road. In the famous 3/5ths Compromise, the same men who had said that “all men were created equal,” bowed to the expediency of Slave States who were convinced that the only way they could survive was to “steal the labor of another man.” And it can clearly be argued, that without that compromise Constitutional Government would not have been ratified into Law! (For further information, see Dr. Carol Swain’s video: )

If Dr. King’s work could be explained in one word, it would be Builder! He sought to build and restore the dream that our Founders had of a government: Of the people, by the people and for the people! Most of the Race Hustlers in the Democrat Party today could also be explained by one word: Parasite! They are opportunists seeking their own fame and fortune without any concern for the causes they champion. You know this is true because after nearly 60 years of their Great Society, life for those living in the Inner-City has not changed, except maybe to get worse! Remember, the causes they champion are just the hook they use to get power, and make a buck, nothing more. That’s why nothing ever changes. Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Minneapolis --- doesn’t matter where you look, if the Race Hustlers in the Democrat Party are in control, there will be: Crime, Poverty, Fatherless Children, Drugs, and Despair!

Dr. King’s legacy was different. He wasn’t a Social Justice Warrior, looking for any aberrant group with twisted anti-moral behaviors to champion as the new downtrodden, no – he believed in Moral Justice based on faith, and he hearkened us all back to our creeds - The Declaration of Independence & Constitution, and to Biblical Truth. Dr. King knew that a society or a people could only survive if it had moral character as its foundation, not a value-neutral ‘anything-goes’ or ‘if it feels-good-do-it’ anarchy. King was a uniter, not a divider! Yet, by today’s standards, Dr. Martin Luther King would be denounced as a “black-white-nationalist,” telling the white racists just was they want to hear: That a people who are personally Free, have to behave Morally and show Responsibility toward their neighbors! Even if the Corporate Media and Marxist-Democrat-Party say otherwise, WE AMERICANS ARE NOT LIKE BEFUDDLED JOE OR THE DEMS, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN KING OR WHAT HE STOOD FOR!

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Good article but Joseph was not Jewish btw. Read the Scriptures.

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