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“Trump’s Trojan Horse?” – Part 1:

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Could ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Thwart Trump’s Potential Comeback?

By Richard Allen – January 9, 2023

I have believed since 2016 that Donald J. Trump was providentially sent to help America get back on a correct course, and possibly stave off the “one-world-government” behemoth that is relentlessly approaching. My goal is to alert President Trump’s team to a potential trap, one which he has unwittingly embraced, much like the citizens of Troy embraced the Trojan Horse as told in Greek mythology. The leaders of Troy, thinking the giant wooden horse a gift from the retreating Greek armies, embraced it, and brought it within the heavily walled and fortified city of Troy. As night fell, Greek warriors, hidden inside the Trojan Horse silently climbed out and opened the city gates to the Greek army hiding without. The term Trojan Horse has become a “metaphor” for embracing something that looks like a gift, only to find out that it was meant to defeat or destroy the one who received the gift.

This article is not meant to denigrate our 45th President’s accomplishments, or to impair his future plans to run again for the highest office in the land. Having said this, one of Donald Trump’s shortcomings as a man, a shortcoming of which his enemies plan to take full advantage, is: Pride in his own accomplishments. Just so you don’t take my words the wrong way, as a Businessman and President – Donald Trump can certainly be proud of his personal drive and savvy. They have helped him win many contests in life, both in the marketplace, and in the political arena. Even with his enemies decrying that: “Everything he’s done in life was handed to him,” it’s clear that Trump has fought hard in many contests, struggled through many defeats – and most of the time, has come out on top. But one area in which I fear Trump may be permanently defeated, is over Operation Warp Speed, his expedited development and approval of the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines, approving them for distribution in record time. To use another Greek metaphor, Operation Warp Speed could be Trump’s Achilles’ heel.

The sad truth: Donald Trump didn’t develop or design the mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine. The Covid-19 Virus was created by the U.S.A. with collaboration from labs in Wuhan China. The mRNA Vaccines have been developed and worked on here in the U.S.A. since the 1960’s. Note: mRNA stands for MessengerRNA. “A mRNA vaccine is a copy of the genetic code used by the SARS-CoV-2 virus to make the spike protein.” This is not your typical vaccine. And it’s these Spike Proteins that are the problem. There is ample proof that the Virus and the MessengerRNA Vaccine were fully developed and ready to go before Trump ever ran for office. Regarding the Covid-19 Virus, Dr. Andrew G. Huff gives this opinion:

"As per a report in Daily Mail, Huff believes that the grant funding provided by Anthony Fauci by way of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to EcoHealth Alliance, was linked to the creation of SARS-CoV-2. Huff goes on to claim that the US intelligence community was aware of and seems to have been involved in the work as well. Huff stresses that NIH funded Gain-of-function (GOF) work has been a key in creating the contagious and aggressive disease that brought the world to a standstill. In his book – The Truth About Wuhan – Huff makes these explosive allegations, stating that the pandemic was the result of the US government funding genetic engineering of the dangerous virus in China. In an interaction with The Sun, Huff said the US government was to blame for the transfer of dangerous biotechnology to China, adding that EcoHealth Alliance and foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management. This, according to him, resulted in the lab leak” [ ]

It's clear that President Trump was lied to by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the so-called Medical Professionals at the NIH (National Institute of Health) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control), along with Big Pharma Companies anxious to make windfall profits. As many American Patriots have realized, our country has been co-opted by the next dominant world empire – China. And many “traitors” within our ranks, like Tony Fauci and Bill Gates, have sold out their country’s best interests and public safety for their personal enrichment now and a “seat at the global table” later when China is calling all the shots. I’m sure that these men justify what they have done – both in “spinning numerous lies” and “suppressing the Truth” that others have tried to reveal – telling themselves that what they have done was done for the long term good of humanity. But the blatant disinformation regarding the disease itself, and the blatant lies about the Adverse Effects of the mRNA Vaccines and their supposed effectiveness, will someday fill our tabloids, bookshelves and the Entertainment Media that control Broadcast TV, Movies and Videos. Virtually everything that we’ve been told about Covid-19 has been a deliberate lie:

  1. How did Covid-19 originate? It was supposed to have come from bats in the “wet market” in Wuhan China “that somehow jumped from bats to humans.” We know now that it was a creation of the Wuhan lab in China with U.S. Technology and “gain-of-function” Funding. As Senator Rand Paul has pointed out recently in a Senate hearing, it’s clear that this “Gain of Function” research money was directed to the lab in Wuhan by none other than Anthony Fauci and his “Eugenic co-conspirators.” The Covid-19 Virus and the mRNA Vaccine development goes back at least to 2014. It has been long planned by the “global elites” to be used as a “predicate” for the “Great Reset.” What’s the Great Reset? A series of political, military, financial and medical-governmental actions: To Cull The Herd of Human Beings by at least 2 Billion, Save the Planet from Environmental Catastrophe (all for the Wealthy Elites), and bring all mankind under the Financial control of a Centralized Government.

  2. The Spread and Contagious nature of Covid-19 was greatly exaggerated – especially regarding the NEED TO BUILD HERD IMMUNITY! The Hype and Fear that was marketed and driven by the U.S. Government, the CDC, the Medical-Industrial-Complex (that controls 1/6th of the U.S. Economy), Academia, all Media platforms, and even the U.S. Military was deliberately planned! All their hype was meant to spread fear and panic to gain compliance, not the general welfare of the public. Looking back at the disinformation regarding Nursing Homes, Respirators, Social-Distancing and especially Masks – it was almost like they wanted people to die! Go figure?

  3. The Fear-Mongering of possible Treatments by all of the “usual suspects” above will be looked back on as propaganda worthy of Joseph Goebbels or Joe Stalin! Watching Rachel Maddow call Ivermectin “Horse Medication” on CNN is just one example. As several entire countries now know (India, Japan and Africa among them), Ivermectin an Anti-Parasitic that has been approved for use in humans for 50 years – can help kill Covid-19 and save lives. It possesses tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. Covid-19 kills through inflammation and causing blood clots. But the “traitors” in the West dutifully spread the lies as they had been dictated to by the global elites. Doctors and Medical Professionals were threatened with losing their license just for prescribing “off-label” treatment – SOMETHING THAT ALWAYS WAS THE DOCTOR’S PREROGATIVE IN THE PAST. This is a shameful abuse of government power and stands against Doctor-Patient freedoms and the Hippocratic Oath, “do no harm.” Numerous other examples could be given. No doubt, the Biggest Lie that has been told has been that:

  4. The Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines will prevent Infection and Transmission – Saving Lives! It would take another 20 pages just to list the ever-evolving: Lies, Half-Truths, Mis-Statements, Revised Lies, Denials and Deliberate Deceptions that were told us about the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines. As the CDC has now virtually admitted: The Vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread, can’t be shown to minimize the severity of the disease, and can’t be shown to Save Lives in any way! In fact, the alarming truths that are surfacing: Myocarditis, Blood Clots, Miscarriages and a whole host of other adverse events cataloged within the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Data has been suppressed, scrubbed and / or outright deleted!

You should all know that mRNA Research and Technology has been going on since the 1960’s. If you want to hear the “company line” right from the Medical-Industrial-Complex, there is an interesting article and video – that almost sound like a Dr. Fauci propaganda infomercial on Covid-19 – from Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School for Public Health:

“The early years of mRNA research were marked by a lot of enthusiasm for the technology but some difficult technical challenges that took a great deal of innovation to overcome. The biggest challenge was that mRNA would be taken up by the body and quickly degraded before it could “deliver” its message—the RNA transcript—and be read into proteins in the cells. The solution to this problem came from advances in nanotechnology: the development of fatty droplets (lipid nanoparticles) that wrapped the mRNA like a bubble, which allowed entry into the cells. Once inside the cell, the mRNA message could be translated into proteins, like the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, and the immune system would then be primed to recognize the foreign protein. The first mRNA vaccines using these fatty envelopes were developed against the deadly Ebola virus, but since that virus is only found in a limited number of African countries, it had no commercial development in the U.S. Remember, the COVID-19 pandemic spurred manufacturers to develop dozens of potential vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and brought tremendous increases in funding. . . . . Thanks to decades of research and innovation, mRNA vaccine technology was ready. With COVID, this technology got its moment and has proven to be extremely safe and effective. Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is the first mRNA product to achieve full FDA approval in the U.S.”

The truth is, the mRNA Technology and the clinical trials showed serious side-effects and risks. Establishment Institutions here in America were waiting for the right opportunity to launch this experimental spike-protein creating MessengerRNA to the public. The Covid-19 Pandemic, created by a leaked virus from a U.S. Funded Lab in Wuhan China provided the crisis they needed to launch this dangerous Vaccine: A WORLD-WIDE PANDEMIC! Like Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel told us, never let a crisis go to waste. When the Pandemic hit, President Trump did everything right. But the Hyped Fear Mongering and Disinformation to the Public by the Corporate-State-Controlled Media over Covid-19 Deaths, provided the needed crisis! Like the problem-solver that Trump is, he was ready to hit the ground running to get this promised cure to market with Operation Warp Speed, the very thing that Fauci wanted! The irony is, the people who developed the Covid-19 Virus HAD THE VACCINES READY ONCE THE PANDEMIC HIT!

More to come next week in Part 2 of “Trump’s Trojan Horse.”

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Drop Bear JD
Drop Bear JD
10 Oca 2023

Trump lost me with operation warp speed... And he's had plenty of time to see his mistake. To see the evidence stacking up.

He still supports it...

Why? 🙌🙏

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