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White Privilege? “Money and Power Talk, Everyone Else Walks”

Only The Privilege of being Wealthy Creates Disparity, Not Skin Color!

By Richard Allen – July 3, 2023

Since the election of Barak Obama 15 years ago, race relations have seriously deteriorated in the United States. Violence, rioting and intense hatred have now become a part of our national discourse. Barak Obama first appeared on the scene in the early 2,000’s, having served one lack-luster term as the junior Senator from Illinois, only to be swept into the presidency with no previous experience or leadership skills. Many had great hopes, proclaiming him to be the one, that magical candidate who could unite the country and right a wrong that hung over us since the Civil War. He turned out to be a “Divider and Chief,” who did serious long term damage to this country and its institutions. How, you might ask, “was he elected with so few skills?” The complete answer is complicated, but the simple answer is: Guilt over Slavery. White voters, many guilt-ridden because of past injustices, voted in droves in a historic election. As a nation, we were going to absolve ourselves of the sin of slavery by one act, electing the First African American to the Highest Office in the Land! Sadly, it didn’t work out that way. Obama took full advantage of his unique position, not to be a healer or bridge builder, but as a typical Marxist-agitator, he fanned the flames of hatred, prejudice and animosity between races, often scape-goating white people as the cause of all society’s ills. Karl Marx envisioned creating class warfare based on unfair economics, an approach that failed in the prosperous west. So, the focus for creating strife and division shifted to “racial disparities in the West.” Now, six years after he left office, his legacy of “hate, mistrust and division” burns hot across the land.

When the next Democrat to run after Obama, Hillary Clinton, was unable to cheat her way to electoral victory, Obama’s minions stirred up hatred among racial groups throughout Donald Trump’s term. This is ironic, as African American fortunes soared economically under Trump’s surging economy. Communist front organizations like “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” (for Anti-Fascist), used their political activism to help the Marxist-Democrat party steal all branches of government in the 2020 elections. One complaint, often used to motivate inner city African Americans to vote, was: White people have an innate and unfair privilege that African Americans and other people of color do not enjoy. But with unemployment down across all sectors of the economy, and employment among African Americans and Hispanics at an all-time high, white privilege was a hard argument to make, but make it they tried. As Trump ran for re-election, groups like BLM and Antifa fomented a “summer of terror” in 2020, touched off by the death of George Floyd in May. No matter what anyone tells you, these groups have never shown real concern for the conditions that poor African Americans suffer in Democrat controlled plantations like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis or Los Angeles. But that didn’t prevent them from exporting violence using “jack-booted” thuggery even to peaceful towns like Kenosha, Wisconsin.

While I’m pleased to report that “class division” based on race has not been as successful as these “neo-Marxists” had hoped, they’ve now moved on to the next Civil Rights Injustice that is the worst discrimination of all: Discrimination based on Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender rights. This is the New Frontier for the Democrat Party to pursue. I hope that God’s people are “wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves” and will see past the hype and manipulation from the state controlled media as they trumpet these “manufactured causes.” Don’t get me wrong, they are still trying to get traction with “class division based on race.”

So over the past decade, “white privilege” has become a rallying cry for the woke-neo-Marxist crowd. How ironic, that instead of another African American sitting in the White House, they gave us a senile, white and wealthy Joe Brandon. A man with a 50+ year reputation of graft, corruption and talking out of both sides of his mouth regarding race. A man who has no core beliefs except one: The enrichment of himself and his family. How ironic, state-controlled media and activists don’t seem to be bothered by Brandon’s wealth.

So, when you hear African American activists decry disparities for African Americans under the poverty rate, or serving time in prison for crimes they say, white people get off “scot-free,” turns out this just isn’t true. Regardless of the crime, punishments are meted out fairly equally by race, based on the types of crimes committed. What is true is: Wealthy people more often than not get off with little or no punishments for the same crimes for which average Americans with less financial resources, end up incarcerated. And when average African Americans think there is a gross disparity in how justice is distributed, it’s not based on color or ethnicity, BUT BASED ON WEALTH AND STATUS.

Joe Brandon’s son, Hunter (pictured at the top), should be the poster child for: “WEALTH PRIVILEGE!” Apart from the fact that they’ve had him dead to rights for Influence Peddling, FARA Violations (Foreign Agents Registration Act), receiving kick-backs from foreign powers not friendly to America or her interests and Felony Gun Charges – NONE OF THESE SERIOUS CRIMES WERE INVESTIGATED OR CHARGED. No, they decided to punish him for Misdemeanor Firearms charges. They even have photo evidence of him brandishing a gun while using illegal drugs. Even so, HE WAS NOT CHARGED WITH A FELONY OR GIVEN PRISON TIME LIKE ANYONE ELSE (white or black), HE GOT OFF WITH A SLAP ON THE WRIST! This is what justice looks like for the “Royal Class.” Make no mistake, we may not have a family based Monarchy like Britain or many other European countries, BUT WE DO HAVE ROYAL FAMILIES WHERE THE WEALTHY-CONNECTD AND THEIR FRIENDS ARE CONSIDERED “ABOVE THE LAW.”

It’s amazing how history does repeat itself. In 1215, a “tyrannical British monarch,” King John, was forced to sign the Magna Carta, under threat of a “civil war.” Here’s how Brittanica online describes the rationale for the Magna Carta:

The Magna Carta, which means ‘great charter’ in Latin, was drawn up by English barons (nobles) and church leaders to limit the king’s power. In 1215 they forced the tyrannical King John to agree to the charter. The Magna Carta stated that the king must follow the law and could not simply rule as he

Make no mistake, we need to write and force our Leaders in Washington D.C. to sign a Magna Carta II. Our Wealthy Royal Families all believe they are “above the law.” They need not obey the laws that we the People have to live by. These Global Elites live on a different plane than mere mortals in the middle and lower classes. Our American system does differ in some significant ways from the Monarchy of King John in Britain. He was the ultimate Judge, Jury and Executioner for all British citizens, and not even the wealthy Barons or members of the “royal court” were exempt from the whimsical edicts of the king. And today, our Royal Class is much larger, and encompasses most of the D.C. Swamp and the political class who use our tax-dollars to buy themselves power and influence. We SUPPOSEDLY have an independent Judicial System where trained lawyers administer justice, based on the Law and not on Social Status. This is no longer true. The Lawyers’ Club we’ve created in the West, now rules our Economic, Judicial, Corporate, Media, Academic, Healthcare and Commercial systems, SELLING JUSTICE TO THOSE WITH WEALTH AND POWER!

To those of us who follow the God of the Bible and are obedient to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God is clear as to what God thinks of the uneven scales of Justice. Rather than fill up a page with Scripture References, let me give you just one from the New Living Translation of Proverbs. This is how God sees the Hunter Brandon slap on the wrist, accompanied by the relentless persecution and prosecution of Donald Trump for “non-crimes:”

“Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent, both are detestable to the Lord” (Proverbs 17:15).

To those who have witnessed this relentless persecution and prosecution of former President, Donald J. Trump by numerous government entities since 2017, take heart. And for those of us who have watched the exoneration of Hunter and Joe Brandon, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, James Clapper, James Comey, James Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Glenn Simpson, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Rod Rosenstein and many others, as they committed “high crimes” against We the People, don’t lose heart. A day is coming when the “books will be opened” (Revelation 20:12-14), and God will render to each man or woman according to what they have done. There will no longer be a refuge of lies in which any of them will be able to hide. All their lying will be over, and they will be held accountable for these and many other transgressions.

“It's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God” (Hebrews 10:31), blessed are those who have found forgiveness and have taken refuge in Him!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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