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Who is the “Big Guy?” - Joe May Be the Head of his Crime Family, but he’s Not the big guy!

By Richard Allen – August 14, 2023

While the government-controlled media has been busy trying to ignore the worst presidential scandal in history, most Americans I talk to are astounded that anyone would even question Joe’s complicity in a corrupt business scheme. Joe’s 50+ years in politics are marked by corruption, being on both sides of every major political issue (depending on which way the “cash is blowing”), payoffs, plagiarism and flat out lying. He’s not an honest man. And he has a very long history of using government power to line his pockets with cash. He’s passed legislation that brought him rich rewards (kick-backs?) from Banks and Credit Card Companies. He used his position as Vice President and President – and helped set up a money-laundering operation for his family through Ukraine. Illicit cash is the real reason for Joe Biden’s “hapless war against Russia.”

My Blog title is a play on the comments first heard by Tony Bobulinski, another of Hunter Biden’s business partners during the 2020 election, who confirmed that “the big guy” was Joe Biden. No less than five people – all members of Hunter Biden’s circle of business associates, talk freely of the “graft and corruption” that the Biden Crime Family has engaged in with multiple countries spanning several continents. Here’s a quote from Breitbart News:

“Hunter Biden’s business partner, James Gilliar, dubbed Joe Biden ‘the big guy’ in a 2017 email. Gilliar used the monicker for Joe Biden in his May 13, 2017 email to whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, who confirmed “the big guy” was a reference to Joe Biden. The 2017 email revealed a business deal between Bobulinski, the Biden family, and high-ranking members of the Chinese Communist Party would include 10 percent ‘held by H (Hunter) for the big guy?’ ”

There are so many references to Joe’s corruption and so many whistle-blowers that it is senseless to argue with the Kool-Aid-drinking sycophants who deny it. Those who would defend Joe Biden also defend ANY Democrat of heinous crimes. These poor souls are easily brainwashed by the media. But some have no more virtue than Joe and Hunter. So from a conservative news cycle perspective, Joe is the “Big Guy.” He’s done fine for himself and his totally talentless family. They have all become quite wealthy, not through personal skills, business acumen or knowledge. No, but solely because of their connection to Joe, the Big Guy in the “Biden Crime Family.” Turns out, Hunter is no less unskilled or untalented than his father. Joe himself has a lack-luster legal mind, cheated in law school and graduated at the bottom of his class. He was even forced to withdraw from his campaign for the presidency when it was discovered that he plagiarized the speeches he was using as he ran for president in 1988. Hunter, like Joe and uncle Jim – actually the whole Biden family has only one talent they are quite good at: THEY ARE ACCOMPLISHED GRIFTERS AND LIARS WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY!

But let me shock you a bit, I don’t think Joe really is the “Big Guy,” at least not politically. Even from a human perspective, there is another “Big Guy” who is much higher in the “pecking order.” It’s this guy whom the Media Sycophants are shielding from being implicated in the whole “Big Guy gets 10% off the top” scheme, that’s currently being played out in the media: Barak Obama. It stretches the imagination to hear Democrats fawn over their favorite sons and daughters, explaining how absolutely brilliant they are. They always claim they are the smartest people on earth – and yet crimes in abundance go on under their noses, yet they claim to know nothing of them. Probably the most famous of all the “Brilliant Democrats” is Hillary Rodham Clinton! For years she was touted as nearly “god-like” in her intelligence and political abilities to reason and understand complex issues. And yet we were told repeatedly that “she was a wronged woman,” cheated on by her philandering husband, Slick Willie, for their entire marriage – right under her nose in the White House and “SHE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT!” It didn’t matter whether it was Vince Foster or Records from the Rose Law Firm, like Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes – “Hillary knew nothing” . . . . . but at the same time, she's the “Smartest Woman” in the United States!

We now find ourselves asking the same questions about Barak Obama! We’re told that he is “Smartest Man to ever serve as President,” light years ahead of all the greatest statesmen of the past, someone whom the Iranians and Russians better be wary of because of his “in-depth knowledge of everything.” Obama possessed unequalled brilliance as a Community Organizer and Savvy Political Wheeler-Dealer. Yet, Joe Biden, possibly the dumbest man to ever serve as Vice President and now as “Duly-Selected-President” of these United States – RAN A COMPLETE MONEY-LAUNDERING-FOREIGN-SHAKEDOWN-OPERATION IN UKRAINE, and Barak Obama KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT! It makes me ‘kinda’ wonder if Obama was really that Smart? Maybe giving the Iranians a pallet with $1.5 Billion in Cash on it, wasn’t that smart after all. But how could Joe Biden run a Scam that big, involving that much money right under President Obama’s nose without his knowledge? The simple answer is: Barak Obama knew all about it!

This is the real scandal they don’t and won’t talk about, Barak Obama was the “Big Guy” who promised to fundamentally transform America. It was Barak Obama who put Joe Biden in charge of handling Ukraine’s affairs. And we now know that Ukraine, a corrupt country with a long history of corruption, was Barak Obama’s (a.k.a. the Big Guy’s) playground, to set up labs to develop deadly pathogens on Russia’s border. At the same time, President Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was pushing a bright “Red Button” with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, claiming to restart our relations with Russia afresh. It seems a bit hypocritical to try to subvert the elections and build dozens of Labs in Ukraine if you’re really trying to improve relations with Russia. We now know that the Big Man, Obama was working for “The New World Order,” to re-arrange the world’s power structures.

If you really want to talk about “Political Savvy” and “having a nose to see wrong-doing,” let’s look at Donald Trump and his famous phone call to Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy. President Trump knew something was amiss with the United States’ actions in Ukraine. He probably caught wind of the $1 Billion pay-off Joe Biden bragged about before the “Council on Foreign Relations.” Remember the video where Joe bragged about holding up $1 Billion in foreign loan guarantees if Ukraine didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter’s corrupt business dealings? Trump was obviously suspicious of the former Administration’s actions in Ukraine they tried to conceal. So he called Ukraine President Zelenskiy for some answers. How ironic, the very people who funded and ran a coup in 2014 to put Zelensky in power to aid their “slush fund,” now impeached Trump for a “phone-call” trying to find out what they had done. It’s clear as day if we just open our eyes to what has transpired during the past decade or more. Barak Obama and Joe Biden with the cast of usual suspects, including Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, had broken U.S. and International Law in their dealings in Ukraine. So, accusing President Trump of colluding with Russia to win the election, was just a diversion to keep their own crimes of colluding with foreign actors, concealed. It was Hillary Clinton who colluded with a Russian (Igor Danchenko) to create the infamous pee-pee-tape of Trump with Russian hookers. Accusations that Trump had colluded, were meant to cover up Obama’s, Hillary’s and Biden’s own dirty dealings involving Ukraine and Russia.

Joe was not alone in using Ukraine to launder American foreign aid into his own pockets, several prominent Republican and Democrat leaders and their family members were also heavily involved! So when Trump was elected by the overwhelming support of the American people in 2016, these same corrupt actors were forced to accuse Trump of crimes with false accusations. The Democrats realized Trump’s level of support from the average American too late, so they failed to cheat enough to push Hillary over the finish line. The only play left for them was to accuse Trump of crimes – TO COVER UP THE CRIMES THEY HAD COMMITTED! So here we are in 2023, still watching this play out. How ironic that one of the leaders for Congressman Adam Schiff’s impeachment prosecution against Donald Trump, Congressman Daniel Goldman, is now the man leading the charge to defend Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, for the obvious shake-down of Ukraine and other countries! Make no mistake, they understand their choice is either: “DEFEND HUNTER AND JOE FOR THEIR OBVIOUS INFLUENCE PEDDLING SCHEME, OR, BARAK OBAMA, HILLARY CLINTON, ALONG WITH JOE AND HUNTER BIDEN, WILL ALL END UP IN JAIL!”

One final word about “the Big Guy.” Barak Obama’s Administration was a bloodless coup from day one. None other than former president, Barak Obama himself told us in his infamous speech:

“On October 30, 2008, days before the presidential election, Obama told a crowd in Columbia, Missouri: ‘We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.’ ”

Many believe that Obama was talking about his being the first Black president and breaking down a final barrier. Or, that as a green president, he would finally address the religious fears held by an unchurched generation of Americans, who believe the fabrications about global climate change. Others still believed that Barak Obama would bring in an era of “peace, prosperity and justice for all.” NONE OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED! Rather, Barak Obama’s and Joe Biden’s “only interest” was to bring the United States into the “New World Order” and get rich in the process! And by every conventional measure, Obama’s presidency was a total failure. “Hatred, division, poverty and injustice” will always stand as his real legacy. But it does appear that Obama and Biden have done much to move the United States into the “New World Order.” They have succeeded in bankrupting our economy, ratcheted up our debt with the global banking consortium, threatened our food supply and put us at the mercy of the global tyrants for our oil supply. All in the name of saving the planet. And this is only the start.

But there is good news. It turns out that even Barak Obama is REALLY NOT THE BIG GUY! The God of Heaven and Earth still rules and reigns in the affairs of men. He brought Trump in – against all odds in 2016, and He may yet provide deliverance politically from the total collapse of America as a nation. For those who have acted corruptly, they are currently scared to death of Trump’s popularity. They have no choice but to defend the horrible behavior of Joe and Hunter Biden. For those of us who trust that “the Judge of the Earth will do Right” (Genesis 18:25), we need to realize whether now in this life, or later, God will bring all injustices to light and the guilty will be judged. In the sense of power, God alone is the “Big Guy.” There is no one Bigger:

“For the Lord Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back? “ (Isaiah 14:27).

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Aug 14, 2023

Amen! There is a kingdom that will never fall. It is unstoppable. Praise to the King of Kings!

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