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"Bread & Circuses Or Stimulus & January 6th Investigations?”

When you can’t govern, at least you can “Distract!”

By Richard Allen – June 27, 2022

“Bread and Circuses” was a phrase coined by the Roman poet, Juvenal in the 1st Century A.D. The once glorious reign of the Roman Republic, which Juvenal considered the height of Pax Romana (the Roman Peace), had descended into the eclectic mix known as “The Roman Empire,” and with it the reign of less-than-competent leaders. These incompetent leaders needed to buy favor and entertain the Roman people to keep their positions of power. Over the years Juvenal’s phrase has become synonymous for corrupt, incompetent leadership that has to curry favor with the masses and to distract attention from failures in governing. For today’s Democratic leadership, “Bread and Circuses” best describes their control over American government and her people. Stimulus Checks are the bread, and January 6th Investigations are but one example of their many Circuses. Regarding the latter, they use ongoing investigations of their political opponents to distract. Here’s The Modern Republic describing “Bread and Circuses,” the politics of corrupt, 1st Century Rome:

The term "bread and circuses" is used to describe efforts by those in power to retain the favor of the masses (sometimes referred to as the mob, see Democracy), or the common man, by bribing and distracting them with free gifts and amusements. In ancient Rome, the Roman people were offered free food and various games and activities at the Colosseum and through other means as a way to distract and curry favor. This concept of offering free things and fun distractions, along with a number of other corruptions of the Roman world, in part, led to the downfall of the Roman Empire. (Cited in the Modern Republic,

America has had some poor leaders over our almost 250 years of history. But I think it’s safe to say that we have never had a more corrupt, incompetent administration than the Joe Brandon Administration, that is a leadership team totally clueless about governing. In my lifetime, Jimmy Carter had been the gold standard of incompetency until Barak Obama surpassed Jimmy Carter. As an unqualified junior senator, who never held a job or accomplished much of anything in his life, he wasn’t just an ideologue with bad policies, he went on an apology tour, displaying a lack of respect for America and her people. I think you can say he had a “disdain” for America and everything she stood for. But between the days of Jimmy Carter and Barak Obama, the Elites in the American Media gave up all pretense of objectively reporting the news. Obama set new standards for destructive policies, not just naked incompetence. From the Fast & Furious gun running operation, to Mexican Drug Cartels that Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder used to try to force strict gun control, to the bizarre Iran nuclear deal for which Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry, illegally delivered pallets of cash to an openly hostile Iranian regime, while they chanted Death to America. The Obama legacy was until recently, the most failed presidency ever. I’m sure Jimmy Carter was happy to have Obama surpass him.

Here we sit barely 18 months into the Joe Brandon Administration – and people are at a loss for words in describing Joe’s actions and the horrific results of his policies. To be fair, I’m not sure that Joe has any idea what is really going on. Most people have reported, he is just a “figure-head” for the Globalist-One-World-Government elites who rule most of the developed world. Joe’s cognitive functions have declined drastically. While Joe can almost read from a tele-prompter and spin all of the ridiculous distortions of reality that his handlers provide him – he’s no more functioning as president than the man in the moon. Most of the elites in the Democrat Party – and even some now in the Media, are getting worried. Joe and his party’s horrendous performance will make it harder for the Democrats to steal the 2024 elections. Note, I said harder not impossible. Remember, they still get to count the votes in most states – even ones evidently run by Republicans. Many in the Media are getting nervous on how to continue carrying the water for: A failed President and his Failed Party, devoid of ideas or sound policies. They’re on target to ruin the economy in record time.

The Media is worried because there’s only so much propaganda you can fabricate in the face of factual reality. And the brutal reality is: Neither Joe Brandon nor any of his Administration Team Members appear to have a clue on how to govern. There are only several possibilities that could be at work here: 1.) The Democrats and Joe Brandon are totally clueless about economics, open borders coupled with entitlement programs, foreign policy, energy, food, viruses, taxes, and deficit spending, OR 2.) They are deliberately trying to create an economic crash and create hunger and mass panic in America. I’ve gone on record saying that while Joe has no clue, his Globalist-One-World-Government handlers know full well what they are doingthey want to crash the American Economy and force a starving populace to abandon their Constitutional Freedoms, and join into a One-World-Government – if they want to eat.

Many Americans who are used to the Media running from one-crisis-to-the-next to foment constant distractions, are now starting to understand the truth: Most of these crises are manufactured, and are the “Circuses” meant to distract people from the intended goals of the Democrat Party: Bringing in The New World Order. If this is “Build Back Better,” I’d sure like to see what “Build-Back-Worse” looks like. Personally, I think they’re only trying to buy time, hoping that by using former Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel’s dictum: Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste – they can create that one perfect crisis that will allow them to force draconian changes that they wouldn’t otherwise be legally able to accomplish. Day in and day out, the lying heads in the media have one goal: “How can we fool the American masses again today? How can we convince the American people of our fabrications, and spin those which are contrary to what they actually see and sense, is happening?” And, “how can we keep them from believing what their own eyes and ears are telling them?” This is a tall order, and it’s getting harder and harder to accomplish. But they are persistent. They appear to have an endless supply of tricks and psychobabble they’ve used with great effect in the past.

And speaking of these “Circuses,” it’s quite amazing the things that Joe Brandon and the Democrats actually imagine, matter to the American people. The list is quite long, and on some level ludicrous, if not funny! If you ask the average American John or Mary what things are really important, they’d talk about: Safety, home, family, cost of energy and food, good schools that build real-world skills which will translate into meaningful work for their children. What you won’t hear is: Confederate Statues, Legally owned firearms in the hands of law-abiding Americans, the Weather is going to destroy the planet and life as we know it, or teaching their children that they are privileged or racist or full of hate. Add to this, the constant extolling the merits of Socialism and those wonderful places where it flourished like: The USSR, Red-China, Castro’s Cuba, Venezuela – even though it’s failed miserably in all those places. Or, how women are being forced to have “back-alley-abortions” just trying to end the life of an unwanted child -- much like having a cancerous tumor removed. Nor will you see average Americans wringing their hands over the horrible plight of Lesbian, Gay, Transexuals, Queer or Gender Confused Teenagers, or Criminals whining about having to pay for their crimes. These are NOT the issues that concern most Americans – THESE ARE THE CIRCUSES THAT JOE BRANDON AND THE DEMS PUT ON TO DISTRACT US FROM WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON: THEY ARE ABANDONING OUR CONSTITUTION AND BRINGING IN A NEW-WORLD-ORDER!

I know this sounds pretty extreme, or at least, depressing – but this is what the Global Leaders at Davos and the other World forums tell us they are doing! And until we give up our silly Constitution and misguided affection for some misguided list of Freedoms, we will never get in sync with the New World Order, and the way things really need to be done! It may surprise you, but there is “nothing new under the sun.” Joe Brandon is not smart enough to deceive 81 Million Voters, as he’s proven over a 50+ career in politics. But he does know how to take kickbacks and live like a king – all on the peoples’ dime. He and his team of Marxist-Discontents are not strong enough to stand up to any group that bullies them, especially the Liberal Mob, controlled by Global Oligarchs and Bankers. This is a big reason you can’t see any cohesive agenda or vision from Joe – Build Back Better is just a slogan to distract. There is no other plan than The New World Order giving control to a handful of wealthy elites. Joe is a weak and corrupt leader, like so many of those weak leaders that Juvenal decried in his day. Again, there is nothing new “under the sun.”

Many years ago a corrupt leader in Israel, one who was probably not even a Jew, spent his administration catering to Rome, influential groups and the Mob, all trying to stay in power. In the end he did lose his comfy rule as Tetrarch of Judah. I’m talking about Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the Great. It was Herod Antipas, whom Jesus referred to as a “Fox,” and who, along with Pontius Pilate, crucified our Lord. Here’s what Luke’s Gospel records of Herod Antipas:

“At that time some Pharisees came to Jesus and said to him, “Leave this place and go somewhere else. Herod wants to kill you.” He replied, “Go tell that fox, ‘I will keep on driving out demons and healing people today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will reach my goal.’ In any case, I must press on today and tomorrow and the next day—for surely no prophet can die outside Jerusalem” (Luke 13:31-33 NIV).

Many historians have commented on Jesus’ reference to Herod Antipas as a Fox. As in the animal kingdom, strong leaders are referred to as Lions, because they are strong and to be feared. But calling a leader a Fox was a term of ridicule. Foxes hunt by stealth and prey on those weaker than themselves. This fits the description of Herod Antipas:

By calling Herod a fox, the Lord was stating that Herod was a weak leader, one easily manipulated by others. He was manipulated by his wife Herodias into killing John, and he was being manipulated by the Jewish Pharisees. And Rome eventually saw this weakness as well and removed Herod Antipas, banning him to Gaul.

Herod Antipas did his best to provide Bread and Circuses to those in control – including the mob. He built several cities named: Caesarea, that is, cities named for Caesar – all to curry favor with Rome. In the end, Rome had him banned and removed. He was manipulated by his illegitimate wife Herodias into killing John the Baptist. After he got drunk at his own birthday party, his sultry teenaged step daughter danced so provocatively for him that he promised her “anything, to the half of my kingdom.” Herodias, his wife, then instructed his step daughter to ask for John the Baptist’s head on a plate. Herod didn’t really want to kill John the Baptist, but just so he wouldn’t appear weak to his guests, he gave his illegitimate wife her wish and had John executed. He later was manipulated by the High Priest and Pharisees to crucify “the Lord of Life, Jesus.” All of Herod Antipas’ “Bread and Circuses” did nothing for him in the end.

I hate to say it, but Joe Brandon is the poster child for weak, feeble leadership. Most see him as a man past his prime, rapidly progressing in his dementia. But Joe’s feeble mental frame is not the reason for his weakness. His 50 years in politics are a story of his being manipulated, always by money, to alter the laws to favor the wealthy and the connected. Yes, Joe gave everyone a $1,400 Stimulus check. While that “bread” may have been welcome, it doesn’t offset the average $3,000 personal yearly cost increase of Gas, Food, Utilities and the impending Deficit that will be paid for “ad infinitum.” He’s now offering to cancel the Taxes on Gasoline for 3 months. Which is just a pittance compared to the overall cost that his “war on Fossil Fuel” has created in 18 short months. Truth be told - despite these distractions, Joe and his ilk are waging a war on the Middle Class, that is the “deplorables” who Joe and his Elite friends so despise.

Make no mistake, Joe and his family have gotten rich by his being manipulated and selling out the American people. Whether it was to the Credit Card Companies or Banks 30 years ago, Joe always sides with any special interest group that offers him the most kickbacks and favors. And now over the past decade or more, he’s been manipulated by China to crush America so China can rise as the dominant world power! Joe Brandon is the perfect Fox to oversee the demise and destruction of American sovereignty and freedom. And just like the weak Tetrarch Herod Antipas, Joe cheated with, and married his brother’s wife. He’ll no doubt be useful to the New World Order until he isn’t. Then they’ll cast him off like refuse. Let’s hope and pray that like Herod Antipas, God will bring an end to Joe’s “Bread and Circuses,” and restore righteousness and virtue in government. That would Make America Great Again!

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Jun 26, 2022

We just listened to a sermon on leadership today. My pastor outlined three essential components of leadership: 1. Character 2. Discernment and 3. Action. This man lacks all three. I, too, pray that God delivers us from evil!

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