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Bribed, Blackmailed & Brainwashed: Waging War on the Family – Pt. 5

“Does it Really Take A Village?  Or Does It Take A Family to Raise A Child?”

By Richard Allen – June 10, 2024

When I first heard the title of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book in 1996: “It Takes A Village,” I thought it sounded caring and altruistic. Who can disagree with an “extended family” taking part in the raising of a child? It reminded me a lot of my younger days, growing up in a safe neighborhood in Southern Wisconsin where we had neighbors on all sides of the street watching out for us, especially in our teenage years. To be honest, at that time my mother and father both worked, and I Needed to Be Watched – especially in the summer months when both my sister and I were home alone most of the day. From an adolescent’s perspective, I thought one neighbor lady was actually “way too nosey,” constantly reporting on anything my friends and I did while my parents were at work. For whatever reason, this lady across the street – Mrs. “S,” an older Polish gal who had the nickname of “Gus” – along with her husband Harry, were particularly good friends with my Dad. Since this was the 1960’s, and children still played outside most of the summer, Mrs. “S” could clearly see from her front picture window anytime I did something she suspected was wrong, and Gus would report me to my Dad, forcing me to give an account of my behavior.  Now as an adult, I realize the genius of my Dad and Mom, leaving our neighborhood version of “Gladys Kravitz” – the nosey neighbor on the T.V. Series, “Bewitched” – to watch me, it was clearly a deterrent. Gus was part of the “Village” that helped raise and watch out for me as young man.

Sadly, this isn’t the Village that Hillary Rodham Clinton is talking about. Not only in her book, but from her entire life, Hillary, a committed Marxist Socialist from her teenage years on, believes that It Takes the State to Raise A Child! We can see almost 30 years later the results of this long-term plan by the Globalist Agenda that is being pushed. Since my title uses “Brainwashed,” this is clearly an example of that “brainwashing” on a global scale! This Agenda is being pushed through implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that both the United Nations (U.N.), and the World Economic Forum (W.E.F.) are promoting. It’s also being pushed by the “Non-Family” global apparatus that is in place. If you’re wondering what the connection is between all the major culture issues that the Marxist-Socialist-Democrat-Left is promoting as well as the global New World Order, here’s a fairly easy way to understand their overall agenda: “They Are Waging War Against God’s Design of the Family!” Crazy as it may seem, all of these tenets of The New World Order crowd are differing fronts of The War on the FamilyRadical Feminism, Abortion on Demand, Homosexual Lifestyle, use of Pornography and the Transgender “Insanity” that is masquerading as science. If you just step back for a minute, and look at the “core beliefs” of the “Marxist-Socialist-Left” here in the United States, it makes sense – at least from their twisted perspective.

First, they have bought into the Environmental Malthusian Deception that has been promoted since Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s: “The Population Bomb” in 1967: “Man is overpopulated as a species, and the planet cannot sustain the sheer numbers of human beings now populating earth.”  Whether these Elites really believe this “Pseudo-Science,” or just see it as a convenient method to “control the masses,” doesn’t matter. Second, this idea gives rise to the belief that “The Herd of Mankind is the Parasite that is plaguing the balance of the planet’s eco-systems, and has to be “culled” to prevent an Environmental disaster – which they have regularly predicted over and over for the past 60+ years. Note: “None of these religious beliefs – and that is exactly what they are – are true scientifically.” And it's doubtful that many Elites really believe it, but it provides them a “Refuge of Lies” in which to hide – especially since they are proposing “mass genocide.” Either way, they’ve all intellectually taken the next step, Third, we need to take “active steps to eliminate billions of unproductive and unneeded human beings from the planet!”

That last statement may sound alarming, or even racist. But the fact is, many of the millions killed so far by abortion have been minority people of color and poor people from the Third World. Look at the United States in particular: A disproportionate number of Aborted Babies since Roe vs. Wade legalized Abortion in 1973, have been minority children from slums in major Democrat-run cities.  Roughly 1/3 – or 30% of all abortions performed in the United States since 1973 have been African American Babies. Since African-Americans make up approximately 14.4% of the United States’ Population, having better than 30% of all abortions from that one racial demographic, is startling. The Abortion Industry has practiced targeted abortions” against minorities in minority neighborhoods. The actual founder of Planned Parenthood, a reprobate named Margaret Sanger referred to Blacks, Serbs and Hispanics as “human weeds.”  In excess of 70% of all Planned Parenthood Clinics are located in “Inner-City-Minority-Neighborhoods.” And what is also sad is that in the vestiges of Post-Christian Western Europe and the United States, most of the “so-called” educated Elite have “voluntarily” chosen not to procreate. So, the Elites clamor to import millions of uneducated immigrants from countries where “they all know their place in society,” to landscape, cook and housekeep for wealthy Elites.

Some may ask: “What is the connection between all of the non-traditional trends (listed above) that forsake marriage as well as having and raising children?” The answer is simple: Lesbian, Gay, Pornographic and Transgender lifestyles are all sterile! There’s no reproduction or sustaining the human species resulting from those lifestyles! And the War on the Family isn't just being waged in classrooms across America, this war is being waged by the Elites in Government, Academia, Medicine and the Corporate World – all to reduce the number of “parasitical humans born.” Again, whether these Elites actually believe the “pseudo-junk-science,” or just feel a “religious type guilt” over killing the planet, their every action will contribute to the “mass-birth-dearth that is coming!” I don’t think they’ll like their Brave New World!

Only a few voices have spoken up about the “coming birth-dearth” that post-Christendom has foisted upon itself. But this is the Village (State) that Hillary and other Elites have envisioned for the rest of mankind. There is no doubt that some level of guilt is plaguing these Elites – probably for their decadent lifestyles and waste – which causes them to want to “self-exterminate” their own tribe. If you hear them speak about “White Greed In A World of Need” as Reverend Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s Racist Pastor) often preached – just be aware that “it’s their own greed they seek to atone for.” What better way to “cull the heard of humanity” than to have the “State” – that wonderful Village Hillary spoke of – control population by forcing “reproductive healthcare” on the rest of humanity. I’ve often wondered why a man like Bill Gates, who has been blessed with unimagined success – and has Billions in excess monies with which he could do much good – is rather “obsessed with culling the heard of humanity?” How was he allowed to fund “gain-of-function” research for dangerous viruses while investing in dangerous pseudo-vaccines that kill with a variety of diseases and sterilize millions on planet earth? The sad answer is similar to that verse in the New Testament describing the Evil One’s activities during his final moments on earth:

“For this reason, O heavens and you who are there, be full of joy. It is bad for you, O earth and sea. For the devil has come down to you. He is very angry because he knows he has only a short time” (Revelation 12:12 NLV).

I think this describes many motives behind those reprobate men and women who spend so much time and money seeking to do evil: “They are angry because they know they have but a short time before they too will die!”  Many of them feel “they and their superior class of Elites” alone understand the complexity of the issues facing the planet. So, they must take it on themselves to “make the tough decisions” to “cull the herd” of the weak, sick, and non-compliant – All For The Good Of Humanity! The more you learn about Bill Gates, the more he looks like a “super-villain” from a “B” level James Bond movie. He is one of the “chief architects” of Hillary’s Village – that looks very much like “a Communist State.” Sadly, at least 1/3 of the American public will be cheering on the communist village’s implementation, also known as “The New World Order.”

One clear indication of how far down we have slid this slippery slope, was the reaction of “The New World Order’s” propaganda machine to Harrison Butker’s (pictured at the left with his wife and child), comments in support of the Traditional Family, as defined by God in His Word. The shock is that his comments would have barely raised an eyebrow even 20 years ago. But in today’s Utopian Village of Brainwashed and Woke Americans, Butker’s comments seem weird, out of place and radical to the Elite Social Engineers who are building this Village of the Damned! My prayer is that the Church will wake up, find her voice and take a stand for the Family as God has designed it. While “evil men and seducers get worse and worse” (II Timothy 3:12-13), the righteous need to shine forth like the Sun!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Spot on, so true and well said!! I couldn't agree more!

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