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Bribed, Blackmailed & Brainwashed: Who Controls Washington? – Pt. 1

Tale as Old as Time – the Story of Spying, Blackmail and Coercion by the Elites!

By Richard Allen – March 11, 2024

I have wanted to do a series of articles on Whitney Webb’s amazing narrative entitled “One Nation Under Blackmail” for some time. As the writer explains, writing this book was quite an undertaking.  The information contained was so massive that it ballooned into a two-volume set. For those of you who are not readers, there are multiple YouTube and Rumble videos with Whitney Webb and various interviewers who will help to acquaint you with the story she tells. This story is as old as human history: Corrupt Men and Women who are easily Bribed, Blackmailed and / or Brainwashed by those who want Power, Money and Control over others. I’m reminded of a quote from actor / comedian W. C. Fields: “I’ve never cheated an honest man.” The sad truth is that most often, those who are Bribed, Blackmailed and Brainwashed, are not “honest people” to start with.

I know there is a current tendency by many Christian commentators now witnessing the demise of our American culture, to be daily astounded by the latest revelations:

“But evil people and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13).

I believe that Whitney Webb had originally intended to write about Jeffrey Epstein, who we now know was a government funded operative, a cutout between Western government agencies, global finance and Non-Government Organizations. Among other ventures, Epstein ran a “honey trap” operation on his Caribbean Island – to Blackmail powerful political figures – willingly or through entrapment. For those of you not familiar with that term, a “honey trap” is a sexual trap, set up to seduce, record and then blackmail powerful men and women into doing whatever the reigning powers desire to be done. This type of trap is as old as our fallen world is. Cabals of Corrupt Elites seeking power have always used: Deception, False Flags, Money, Power, Sex, War and Coercion to get their way. This is the way of Emperors, Kings, Presidents, Premieres, Queens, Califs, Vizirs and other Potentates. Sadly, this also includes Democratically Elected Public Servants – who are supposed to be working for “We the People!”

While there is “nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), Whitney Webb notes that events in the Twentieth Century became the catalyst that escalated the formation and empowering of Global Cabals. As she explains, for Western Governments (i.e. The United States, Britain and Western Europe), it was specifically winning Word War II which initially brought together: Governments, Intelligence Agencies, Corporations and Organized Crime, for the purpose of defeating the National Socialist Third Reich, then to fight China and the Soviet Union as they furthered the spread of Communist-Socialism. But a funny thing happened on the way to winning the “Cold War.” These Cabals started acting in “self-interest” for the wealthy Elites who paid them to influence the Governments who ran the Intelligence Agencies, and owned the Corporations. By including Organized Crime in their Cabal, they had already “blurred,” if not “erased” the line between wht was "legal and “illegal.” While “winning the war” against Hitler, Stalin and Mao justified previous immoral actions (“all for the greater good”), this Government-Corporate-Organized Crime Cabal soon decided that anything which “feathered the nests” of their cronies and themselves, was, for The Greater Good!

So powerful is this Cabal, if they cannot control someone, they will eliminate that person. Like many other Americans, I both expected and was shocked by the revelation that our Intelligence Agencies were involved in the Assassination of JFK in 1963. According to Whitney Webb, this Cabal had unsuccessfully tried to “honey trap” Kennedy very early in his Presidency. Then in 1961 this Cabal (Deep State) pushed him into the “failed Bay of Pigs” debacle, only to have him rebuff their efforts a year later in 1962, when they tried to push him into Invading Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Intelligence Community was “incensed” that this young president “couldn’t be blackmailed or bullied into a full-scale-invasion.”  Concern for the American people made him wary of a potential escalation toward Nuclear War with the U.S.S.R.! To the permanent political class, another World War would be good for business! It's a scary thought, but it sure appears that this Cabal eliminated a sitting U.S. President whom they couldn’t control.  The Deep State Intelligence Agencies which had worked with Organized Crime for 20+ years, had learned well how to deal with resistant leaders.

The fight against World Socialism was the initial justification for the “anything goes” mentality that has led us to our current state of affairs. Whatever the “New World Order” is, it is clearly the “Post World War II” agreement by Western Leaders and their Financial backers to create global governance, controlled by the Elites in Western Europe and the United States. The recent emergence and addition of Communist China to the “New World Order” shouldn’t shock anyone. China is being held up as a “model of governance” to Western nations. China’s “heavy-handed control” of their peoples’ lives – including control of all information, human rights and economic freedom – is the “gold standard” Western Leaders desire to implement – all to keep their own commoners compliant.  Commoners should never resist their “betters” in government, academia, science, industry and finance!  In contrast, God, through the Prophet Isaiah, warned those “unjust judges” who made unfair laws to take away the rights of the poor. He also warned those who amassed wealth and lands to oppress the poor. Their ultimate end would be judgment.

“What sorrow awaits the unjust judges and those who issue unfair laws.  They deprive the poor of justice and deny the rights of the needy among my people.” (Isaiah 1:1-2).

“What sorrow for you who buy up house after house and field after field, until everyone is evicted and you live alone in the land” (Isaiah 5:8).

In this Series of Blogs: “One Nation Under Blackmail,” I would like to review the multiple fronts on which these “Global Elites” appear to wage war on the “poor common people" on planet earth – but in actuality are “waging war against the God of Heaven!” They have nefarious goals: To control all mankind for the “New World Order,” that is, “They want to be God!” Make no mistake, these efforts to build a united “One-World-Government” are a direct challenge to God’s judgment of a united mankind attempting to “Build A Tower That Could Reach to The Heavens” (Genesis 11:4). I also hope that we understand, while things appear to be escalating at present, these “Global Elites” have been working on the “New World Order” for a long, long time. They are playing the “long-game” which may take decades to fully implement. But these “Global Elites” are patiently working toward their goal of “One-World-Government.”  The topics and concerns we’ll cover include:

  • How Bribes, Blackmail and Brainwashing are used to compromise “so-called elected representatives of the people” – to do the bidding of the “Global Elites” – as they prepare mankind for “global tyranny.”

  • Why do Modern Governments use NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) as “’cutouts” to accomplish mostly illegal acts against their own peoples? Many of these activities happen under the guise of normal global business.

  • What part does the United Nations, The World Health Organization and World Economic Forum – among other global corporations and organizations – play in organizing this “New World Order?”

  • Explain how State-Controlled Schools and “Higher Education” have become Indoctrination Centers to develop “compliant subjects” for the Ruling Class, and what means they are using to Brainwash the next generation.

  • It’s clear that Environmental Religious Tenets are the Umbrella for “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG) in the “New World Order.” Having fallen for the twisted beliefs of Eugenics and Malthusian “fear mongering,” the ““New World Order” is working to limit population growth through every means (or excuse) possible.

  • Using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) through the Internet “to control all information,” what we hear, read and see and how we vote. This will include Predictive Policing to identify and incarcerate terrorists whom they deem enemies of the state. Note: They’re no longer using the world-wide-web to inform, but to deceive, manipulate and control.

  • Explain how “Sexual Rights Initiatives” by the “New World Order” have but one goal: Culling the herd of common men and women. These Initiatives include Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transexual Recruitment, Pornography, Abortion, Sterilization, Gender Confusion Education and Promotion of “Non-Family Lifestyles.”

  • Using Forced Vaccinations and Mandated Healthcare for behavior al control, including cranial Micro-chip Implants.

  • Making the “food supply scarce” – especially to undesirable populations they “deem unfit” to inhabit the planet.

  • Using “mass forced migration” to overwhelm and dilute Western Christian Societies with “uneducated, militant masses from the Third World.” Sadly, most of these people are not migrating to gain a better life, but rather, because they already know “how to live subjugated lives” (the meaning of Islam), they will be easily controllable.

  • Why are “Post-Christian,” European and Western Cultures the only nations falling victim to this “mass forced migration?”  Why not Russia or China? Why won’t “they allow Invasion-Migration?”

  • Complete control of all “money and wealth” though “Central Bank Digital Currency.” This will allow them to determine “who eats, who can afford healthcare, who has fuel for heat, electricity for lighting, or drives a car.”

These are all good questions and concerns. Hopefully we can shed some light on each subject, with some Biblical insight to help us “discern the times” we live in. In closing, the most important thing we can remember as Believers in Jesus Christ is: “God is still on His throne!” There is nothing that will happen, which will take Him by surprise. Neither will He allow His Church to suffer defeat since He has promised: “The Gates of Hell will not prevail against her” (Matthew 16:17)!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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