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Is IVERMECTIN the Miracle Drug to Cure COVID-19*?

October 3, 2021

By Romeo Cardinali

… is an anthelmintic or more commonly known, as an anti parasitic. Discovered in 1975 on a golf course in Japan, it came into medical use in 1981. It’s commonly prescribed to people and animals to treat intestinal parasites of various kinds, and there are many illnesses your Doctor might prescribe it for. Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for ridding the world of a couple of nasty bugs. Three point seven billion doses have been administered. For years Ivermectin has been known to be effective treating West Nile, Zika and SARS-COVID. Right now you might be asking why haven’t I heard this? The answer is two fold.

First, doctors follow approved protocols. Many in this day and age of litigation, would not be willing to try this treatment because the National Institute of Health and or FDA has not approved Ivermectin for Covid-19. But if you got Scabies next week, Ivermectin is EXACTLY what you will receive a prescription for. Along with twenty other illnesses we don’t need to discuss. “The avermectin family of compounds was discovered by Satoshi Ōmura of Kitasato University and William Campbell of Merck. In 1970, Ōmura isolated unusual Streptomyces bacteria from the soil near a golf course along the south east coast of Honshu, Japan.[43] Ōmura sent the bacteria to William Campbell, who showed that the bacterial culture could cure mice infected with the roundworm.”

Second, is plain old ignorance. We tend to place Medical Doctors on an intellectual pedestal. And many are truly gifted. However, when it comes to thinking outside the box, the converse is true – most are incapable of this type of thinking. I’m saying if they didn’t learn it in school or from someone they trust, they are an extremely closed-minded group. I’d say it like this: Many doctors are less than we think, but many are more than we dare to dream. The FLCCC falls into the latter, not the former group. These are practicing physicians who see patients, who heal and ease suffering. So my readers understand, in May of 2020, the FLCCC convinced Congress to override the NIH / FDA and approve corticosteroids for Covid treatment, which saved countless lives by itself. Cortico-Steroids reduce inflammation but weren’t approved for Covid-19. See the disconnect here?

Covid-19 kills through two mechanisms, inflammation and clotting. Ivermectin is a highly potent anti-inflammatory drug. The mechanism by which Ivermectin works against viruses is not fully understood. The ACE receptor has a specific protein coded for the transport of viral RNA into the Nucleus of the cell resulting in illness. If we think of that transport protein as a pack mule, Ivermectin chains the mule to a post in the outer ring of the cell preventing the Covid-19 virus from transferring it’s genetic information into the nucleus of the cell, where replication results in illness. The FLCCC has developed protocols for Prophylactic treatment of Covid and for Treatment of those actively Ill with Covid. If you become infected with Covid and begin Ivermectin the Viral load is reduced by 90% in 48 hours. There is also a recommended daily vitamin protocol from FLCCC, that by itself lowers your chances of contracting Covid-19 or any flu virus by 10% – that’s not complicated.

The data – There are many ways for me to do this here, but I think the most beneficial and productive for you, will be to just tell a couple of the stories. Before I begin, I’ll quote Dr. Kory of FLCCC: “Ivermectin is Miraculous in the treatment of Covid-19, there are mountains of data that have emerged.” There is so much data that I encourage anyone familiar with NCBI or National Center For Biotechnology Information and Random Controlled Trials, Observable Trials and Retrospective Analysis, to take a look. Notice the statistical significance of the “P-Values”. Doctor Kory boldly states, “If you take Ivermectin, you will not get sick.” The data does not disappoint, which is why everyone needs to know this.

Watch Doctor Plead for review of data in Senate testimony on Covid -19:

STORY ONE: Dr. Hector Carballo the lead Covid-19 investigator in Argentina prophylactically treated 800 front line Covid-19 health Care Workers with Ivermectin. Not one of them contracted Covid-19. In the 400 person control group of front line Covid health care workers who did not receive prophylactic treatment with Ivermectin - 237 (58%) became infected with Covid-19. During the same period of time and hospital system (Data on NCBI). STORY TWO: A Nursing home in France had a scabies outbreak (I will not name the nursing home here but the information is on NCBI). All 65 residents were treated with Ivermectin prophylactically. Only 2 residents tested positive for Covid and without serious illness. NCBI notes that in other nursing homes in that same community - just miles away, Covid-19 and death rates were astronomically high. This was a Retrospective Analysis of data as it was understood in real time. We all understand what Andrew Cuomo did in New York. Many of our elderly whom we should have protected, suffered because of bad science and politics.

The elderly and young are almost always the most susceptible to influenza. The thought process behind placing Covid patients in nursing homes and then isolating the homes is - Power Dumb. All I have to say about that! The daily Vitamin Protocol from FLCCC: Vitamin D3 1000-3000IU/Day. Vitamin C 500-1000mg twice a Day. Quercetin 250mg twice a Day. Zinc 30-40mg once a Day. Melatonin 6mg before bedtime(causes drowsiness). This regimen lowers risk of Flu infection by 10% in and of itself. In clinical Trials and testing a single 250mg dose of Ivermectin was found to be Non-Toxic. The prophylactic dose to prevent Covid-19 infection is essentially 6mg twice a day for two days a month. Yes, that's correct 24mg a month and you will not get the flu. The FLCCC Covid-19 treatment protocol (for active infection) is essentially the same. Up to 5 days of Ivermectin 12mg a day, and a slight increase in Vitamins D3, C and Zinc. Ivermectin's safety record is exceptional. It's on the WHO list of essential meds. Unless you are also taking a specific TB medication, or other Cholera medications, Ivermectin is totally safe. There are also dose schedule requirements if you are taking Warfarin (blood thinner). For those who are pregnant, nursing or under 30 lbs, consult a Physician.

In closing I’d like you to reflect on the Hippocratic Oath as it applies to the Covid-19 Pandemic. First, do no harm – “Primum Non Nocera.” During a Pandemic when people are dying, it is essential to “do no harm” – either in your thinking or practice. But to you doctors let me say that “if you are too focused on doing no harm, you won’t do any good.” Stop being part of the problem and join us on the solutions side. We The People want, and desperately need your expertise more than ever. The white blood cells of America are small business. This pandemic has the potential to break the economy. In the end the cost will be countless lives and devastation, which will be unnecessary. If you are reading this and are a Physician, stop Kowtowing to politicians who have no medical expertise. And don’t take the easy road and rely on 4 experimental vaccines with sketchy results to keep from being sued.

Please read the data and educate yourself – heal and ease our suffering. I’d wager only 15% of practicing Physicians in America know this information – if that. Time to change that! The Truth Will Set You Free!

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