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The First Casualty in the War on Fossil Fuel: The Food Supply!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By Richard Allen – August 1, 2022

As a life-long city boy, I’m just as guilty as any other city dweller in not appreciating where our food supply comes from. To most of us, all we know is that it magically appears in the grocery store and restaurants! And I’m not addressing a whole new crowd of “clueless Americans,” such as Sandy Cortez, who now goes by the more formal name: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has brought clueless to a whole new level. What is really shocking is that any thinking adult in her New York district would have voted for someone so clearly uninformed and unqualified to govern. But it’s not just the know-nothings of the Millennial and Gen-X Woke Mob who are ignorant, it’s the vast majority of fat and happy Americans. Sadly, they will soon be “less fat and less happy” when they understand that the First Casualty of their over-zealous, “save-the-planet” War on Fossil Fuels is: THEIR OWN FOOD SUPPLY!

For the past year there has been a steady stream of videos on Social Media with literally hundreds of American Farmers notifying the public that the government has been making them destroy their crops or slaughter their herds of beef, pork and chicken. And while there are as many conspiracy theories of how and why the government is behind it – as there are “Fake Fact Checkers” like Snopes debunking it – one thing is absolutely certain – the Farmers did destroy millions of chickens, pigs, cows, crops and dumped millions of gallons of milk. There is just too much hard evidence that it happened. So the question is, why? The government does provide the standard “partial-information” to divert attention from their complicity. In an article online from a Green Matters entitled: “Is the Government Really Paying Farmers to Destroy Crops and Kill Animals?” – we read this:

“One crop farmer told The Wall Street Journal that with the supply chain in disarray, rather than let his crops die in the field, he chose to destroy them. ‘It’s a mental thing, you don’t want to see your crop rot and suffer,’ he told the newspaper. Basically, farmers are not eligible for government subsidies if they are not actively raising animals or growing crops — so it’s more profitable for them to continue business as usual, and trash berries, milk, and even animals instead. So no, the government is not forcing farmers to destroy crops or animals. However, the current agricultural system makes it so that many farmers have no other choice but to destroy their product, otherwise they will lose money.”

We need to backtrack a bit to understand the context. A Manmade Pandemic created in Bio-Labs from 2013 to 2019 – all run by government scientists from two of the world’s Super Powers (USA & China), created a bottle-neck in the food supply, allowing the government’s insane agricultural policies to force farmers and ranchers to make a choice between “losing tons of money by bringing crops to market,” or “destroying crops and euthanizing animals.” As it turns out, the worst mistake Trump made in 2020, was to shut down the Economy for the Manmade Virus some call Covid-19. Truth is, he probably had little choice. The Fearmongering and Hype over Covid-19 was at such a level, had he not taken draconian measures – his own pathetic party along with the Marxist-Democrats would have impeached him.

With thousands of restaurants and schools shut down, we were growing / breeding / processing more food than we were consuming. The appetites of a non-working-quarantined / socially-distanced-populace didn’t keep pace with food production, creating a surplus of food. It’s not hard to imagine that a 2nd Term Trump Administration would have come up with a way to deal with it. Trump desperately wanted to get the American People back to work after Covid, and keep us “Energy Independent” (which we were when he left office). Enter Joe Brandon and his “Keystone-Cabinet” of academics, community organizers, lawyers and pseudo-Marxists with “zero” real world experience. In short order, armed with the power of government and insane policies they have done everything humanly possible to create our current emerging food crisis, and bring about the collapse of the U.S. Constitutional Government. The ultimate goal is to bring in “The New World Order” (N.W.O.). I like to put the Joe Brandon Agenda into four Anti-Capitalist buckets:

  1. Crippling Energy Policies create dependence on foreign oil, raise the price and slow production (in the New World Order we don’t deserve to be independent from the rest of the world).

  2. Pay People NOT TO WORK. Instead of getting people back to work, Joe Brandon has made it more profitable to stay at home (there will be plenty of time to get people back to work under “slave labor” after the collapse).

  3. Economic Policy to make the Weimar Republic blush. Like post-depression Germany, we are printing money at a rate that is not sustainable. But that’s the whole point. (Collapse constitutional government for the N.W.O.)

  4. Bio-Warfare is an effective tool to bring about Economic Collapse and inaugurate the Totalitarian Control that the N.W.O. has planned – without destroying the infrastructure. (Most have figured out that Covid-19 was totally manmade and deliberate.)

Some may want to argue the cause for this four-pronged attack. Is it really an orchestrated coup, or are we watching the most incompetent administration in history? But one thing is obvious to all but a tiny group of functional idiots, Joe Brandon and his Keystone Administration couldn’t do a better job of destroying America – if they openly admitted that was what they were trying to do. By the way, I’m often amused that a few Joe Brandon Democrats actually still believe the “Build-Back-Better” fairy tale – made by a man who in his 55 years in public office has never done anything to help another person – except his corrupt friends and family. That’s like falling for “Hope and Change,” imagining that a Marxist Community Organizer and ‘pretend’ Law Professor – just elected as Junior Senator from Illinois (Barak Obama), never having held a job or having authored major legislation – was the man to change America for the better. He did bring about radical change – he changed America into a police state, weaponizing all branches of government against his opponents, and governing against the will of the American people – all to perform the political will of the N.W.O.

You have to hand it to the Marxist-Democrat-Party and their Elite Leftist friends across the globe. They do plan and think “long-term.” They’ve been working at this War on Fossil Fuels for better than 60 years. It started with “Silent Spring” (1962) by Rachel Carlson – a guilt-ridden Elitist – whose highly inaccurate book is estimated to have caused the death of 200 Million people by fearmongering a ban on DDT, a pesticide made from petroleum. As it turned out, DDT was not harmful – except to the mosquitos which spread malaria to very poor humans in the Third World, people for whom Marxist-Democrats claim to be concerned. Add to this Paul Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb” (1968), a work completely discredited – because of its dire predictions of dearth and famine due to overpopulation, turned out to be 100% wrong. These two books gave birth to the “Environmental Religion of State,” that is taught as scientific fact in every public school and university in the West. The ideology is pretty simple, and it works well with Marx’s own anti-God Darwinian understanding: Mankind only exists to serve the State:

  • Man is a parasite that plagues the earth, not the gardeners that God created to be fruitful, multiply and replenish (Genesis 1:28). Mankind is responsible for all pollution, disease and destruction of their goddess, Mother Earth.

  • There are too many people, and those smart enough (i.e. the Elites) have to cull the herd. These may be hard choices, but they are willing to make them to save the few smart ones (like themselves), who are worthy to survive.

  • Fossil Fuels and its Derivatives are Destroying Mother Earth. They can be used only by a handful of Elites (with their private jets), for their betterment – as those worthy to survive. Fossil Fuels – including pesticides and fertilizers have to be eradicated except for the Elites’ needs. The responsible poor will use renewable air, solar.

  • Goernment is the only mechanism to help the “fittest” of mankind to survive. Only the “State” can administer, distribute (i.e. ration) food, energy, healthcare, etc. “fairly” to us commoners, which means, by the Elites who rule for our own good.

This may all sound like a very “anti-God” agenda – because it is. It’s not only false and unscientific, but it’s an evil lie that has already caused the death of 120 Million people through Socialist-Marxist culling by Mao, Stalin and Hitler. Add the 200 Million malaria deaths from banning DDT, deaths that could have been prevented, and we’re at least at 320 Million deaths. And that number climbs to over 2 Billion if you add not just the mass murders by Socialist-Marxist governments and environmental policies that caused mass death in the last century, but add Margaret Sanger’s 1.72 Billion Abortion deaths through her “War on the Unborn” (

Sadly, as this Marxist-Anti-God understanding has gripped our modern age, we’ve turned to “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” (2 Timothy 2:4). So while many are being entertained to death and selectively informed by Tik-Tok and Yahoo News, somehow they never managed to find out that Fossil Fuels and their Derivatives are responsible for the world’s health and food supply keeping pace with the increases in population. In fact, Capitalism and the world’s global markets have actually lifted 2 Billion people out of poverty world-wide, since the 1970’s (

The War on Fossil Fuels has made the cost of farming prohibitive to many farmers. Personal fuel costs for tractors and other farm implements, fertilizers and pesticides have risen to the point where North American Farmers who once were the “bread basket of the world,” have stopped growing lest they go bankrupt. This doesn’t even account for increased fuel costs for Processing Plants, Trains, Trucks and the Utilities to Refrigerate and Store our food supply. These costs are cumulative. We have recently suffered some areas of drought in the southwest, but please be aware that we’ve had many droughts before and have always survived. What makes this current crisis unique are the combined forces of Government Policy, Activist spurred Regulations, EPA Restrictions of Fossil Fuel Production and Heavy-Handed Government Lockdowns. These lockdowns served no real purpose but to interrupt all supply chains through paying millions of people to abandon jobs for welfare. It’s insanity to believe that non-productive people bring no harm to the economy. In the real world, dependency doesn’t work economically. And as anyone can tell you, it’s the poor, who live one government handout to the next – who will be least able to prepare for, or to survive the coming Food Shortages.

Yes, the Marxist-Democrats’ War on Fossil Fuels has its first casualty – The World’s Food Supply. And make no mistake, this Food Crisis will be world-wide. In closing, I’m not sure if this is what the Apostle John was inspired to prophecy, but it sure makes one wonder:

“When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” And I looked, and behold, a black horse! And its rider had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wage” (Revelation 6:5-6).

For additional information:

The American Thinker - May 25, 2007. “Rachel Carson and the Deaths of Millions

EU Times - Mar 12th, 2022. “Hunger Riots have Begun, Global Starvation Imminent, 4 Billion could Die

Fossil, Marshall Distel - March 30, 2020 “Why Are Fossil Fuels Needed in Agriculture”

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