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The Keystone Coup: The Insurrection That Wasn’t!

The Deep State ran the Real Insurrection to Cover a Stolen Election!

By Richard Allen – January 29, 2024

Hopefully, my title will get all of you thinking. The title is not “The Keystone Kops,” but rather, “The Keystone Coup!”  For those who may not know, the Keystone Kops were a part of the early silent motion picture industry, from Mack Sennett’s Studio, named Keystone. The characters in this zany slapstick are seven less than competent policemen, who always seem to struggle just doing their jobs. The title “Keystone Kops” has become synonymous with being inept, incompetent and hair-brained. Kind of like the “Gang who couldn’t shoot straight,” or “The Bad News Bears” the title “Keystone Kops” means failure. Here’s how Britannica Online describes the Keystone Kops. They were:

“An incredibly incompetent police force, dressed in ill-fitting, unkempt uniforms, that appeared regularly in Mack Sennett’s silent-film slapstick farces from about 1912 to the early 1920s. They became enshrined in American film history as genuine folk-art creations whose comic appeal was based on a native irreverence for authority. What the Kops lacked in sense they made up for in zeal, as they dashed off to the chase on foot or drove off in a Tin Lizzie (one accommodated the entire force), in jerky, speeded-up tempo. Whether they collided with one another around corners or became entangled in clotheslines, ladders, or folding tents, their facial expressions of dour dignity never changed.”  

What a colorful description. If you didn’t know otherwise, you would think this description was talking about Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and the January 6 (hereafter called J6) Congressional Committee headed by Liz Cheney, Adam Schiff, Jamie Raskin and Adam Kinzinger. This committee was set up by then Speaker Nancy Pelosi to investigate Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters for their attempted overthrow of the U.S. government. As ‘coups d’état’ go (if it was a coup) it was the most inept attempt to overthrow a government ever known to man! Trumps so-called followers brought no weapons, acted mostly peaceful while “criminally trespassing” – as Capital Police and FBI Plants opened the doors and ushered them in. And, there was no discernable plan to wrest control from Congress. Yet, the “Narrative” crafted by the Democrat – RINO-Republican-Media Establishment, makes it sound like this one event was the worst attempted overthrow in America’s 200+ year history.  For those of us who know our history, this event barely rises to the level of a good riot. The violence committed that day pales in comparison to the year-long ANTIFA / BLM Riots in 2020, funded and Organized by the Democrats, Deep State Donors and their paid Street Operatives.

According to their planned and crafted “Narrative,” Trump had staged an Insurrection, and sent his crazed Right-Wing-Maga-Zealots to overthrow the U.S. Congress to prevent the certification of the Electoral College on January 6, 2021. They led a violent Riot to storm the Nation’s Capital Building, Destroyed Property, Killed Capital Police, and even Planted Pipe Bombs next to the DNC Building.  Truth is: None of those Things Actually Happened. Trump never told anyone to Riot, Assault Police, or Break into the Capital Building. And as the evidence reveals, then President Trump offered – days prior – to bring in National Guard Troops to keep order. Pelosi herself, caught in a lie, convinced the Mayor of the District of Columbia NOT to ask for the Guard. Without the Mayor’s request, American law prevents the President from using National Guard against U.S. Citizens. Many of the Capital Police, once heralded as heroes on J6, video evidence now released, contradicts their “fabricated narrative.” Turns out that the Capital Police and other FBI Plants repeatedly fired “Tear Gas” into the peacefully assembled crowd to create mayhem. And I now believe that so-called hero, Michael Byrd, will eventually be charged with Manslaughter, if not Murder, for killing Ashley Babbitt.

We can’t help but laugh at the unravelling story over the past three plus years since the events that took place on January 6, 2021. Not only has the whole Narrative collapsed on itself, but the J6 Congressional Committee was never able to bring any substantive evidence showing:  1.) Conspiracy to Commit an Insurrection, 2.) Direct involvement by any group actually seeking to overthrow the government or 3.) Donald Trump’s involvement or direction to his MAGA supporters to overthrow the United States Government!  But in their three years of only allowing selective information to be released, they have failed miserably to pull off the real ‘coup d’etat’ – the Fake Election and Fake Insurrection to cover up a Stolen Election!  This real coup was committed by Nancy Pelosi and the Keystone Coup! For 2 ½ years, the Keystone Coup withheld 40,000 hours of video evidence – that in large part did not support their “crafted narrative that Donald Trump blew his “dog whistle” to MAGA Right-Wing-Terrorists to overthrow the U.S. Government. He did this so he wouldn’t have to leave the Presidency after being soundly defeated by Joe Biden campaigning from his basement in Delaware! What used to be the “modus operandi” for Democrats – that is, Challenging Any Election They Didn’t Win, Never Conceding, and Asking for Re-counts to Validate Vote Totals – has now become “A Threat to Democracy!”  For those of us who remember Al Gore (2000), John Kerry (2004), Hillary Clinton (2016) and Stacy Abrams (2018), it would appear that it’s Only When Republicans Contest an Election is it: “A Threat to Democracy!” 

While the Democrats and RINO Republicans were able to make many grand accusations, and use the “Theater of a Congressional Committee” to spin their narrative, their case was doomed from the start. Not allowing the normal two-party input on the committee and forbidding defense testimony for those accused, they graduated to using Democrat Party Operatives and the FBI (Fake Bureau of Investigation) to “Threaten, Cajole, and Intimidate” innocent people into pleading guilty to anything but: Insurrection! The J6 Congressional Committee ended their “witch hunt” without getting even one Insurrection Conviction! Then, after losing the House to the Republicans in 2022, new Congressional Leadership showed how inept, dishonest and political the whole charade had been by one single act:  They started releasing the 40,000 hours of video tape! The Keystone Coup was inept at execution, but it had full participation from those in the Permanent Establishment. So, after Tucker Carlson broadcast actual film of this Day of Infamy (this used to be Pearl Harbor), Fox cancelled their highest rated Cable News show Because the Facts Contradicted the Narrative!

This one act made clear (to any person capable of thinking) that J6 was “The Insurrection That Wasn’t!” The “so-called insurrectionists” were ordinary people, Exercising Their Right to Peacefully Assemble! New Evidence comes out daily showing how the Keystone Coup Team (Pelosi, Schumer, Cheney, Schiff, Kinzinger, Raskin) withheld exculpatory evidence and used Merrick Garland (our first Nazi Attorney General), to hunt down hundreds who merely stood outside the Capital Building – and arrest them for “masterminding a seditious conspiracy,” one sentenced to 22 years in prison.

All of this might not sound possible in the United States of America, but it’s happening. And now to add the finishing touches to the Keystone Coup’s fake-narrative masterpiece, just this last week we learned that the J6 Congressional Committee once again showed their total contempt for the rule of law, They Destroyed Evidence Gathered in Their Investigation!  It’s amazing how often Democrats and RINO Deep Staters are able to conveniently lose records, wipe phone texts, destroy electronic equipment or delete 30,000 emails – just to mention a few – And Yet Never Be Held Accountable!  Possibly the most devious behavior from these Real Insurrectionists who Staged a Faux Riot to Cover Up a Stolen Election, we learned last week of the Keystone Coup’s incompetent attempt to put a Fake Pipe Bomb next to the Democrat National Committee Headquarters – with the Faux Vice President Elect, Kamala Harris inside!

This story gets stranger over time as we learn more about it. According to the J6 Keystone Coup Narrative, Trump’s MAGA supporters had placed Pipe Bombs next to a park bench outside the DNC Building with VP Elect, Kamala Harris inside. What makes this very strange is, when first mentioned, they almost hyperventilated at how serious this made the J6 Insurrection appear. Since there were no guns fired (except by Capital Police), Pipe Bombs took the Insurrection to the next level. Even people who believed there was a lot of “funny business” going on in the 2020 Election, were appalled that Trump supporters would use Pipe Bombs. A building surveillance video was reluctantly released just this week.  It shows two completely dysfunctional Pipe Bombs with Egg Timers attached and no blasting caps wired – with a parked Black SUV filled with Secret Service Agents and another SUV filled with Capital Police, lackadaisically walking and standing near the bombs, talking to each other, watching school age children walk past the bombs – in no apparent hurry. As many have reported, if This Were a Real Threat to Kamala Harris or the DNC, we would Never Have Heard the End of It!  And we now know they had a video record of “Who actually planted the Faux Pipe Bomb.” Oh wait, that video was corrupted! How convenient. Like a Marxist Surveillance State, they’re using numerous videos to track and convict anyone who just stood outside the Capital that day. Yet they can’t figure out who or when Fake Pipe Bombs were placed. Hmm??

Since this Blog is dedicated to the pursuit of Truth, the False J6 Narrative still being pushed by the Keystone Coup, is very troubling precisely because it was founded on deception and a Fake Narrative. As I have written in the past, God hates all Liars.  They will find their place in a “Lake of Fire” that burns forever and ever. While we still laugh at The Keystone Kops, The Keystone Coup – the Real Insurrection – is not funny. There are evil men and women who, with malice aforethought have hurt others, and destroyed people’s lives – All for Political Power! 

Rest assured, Justice will prevail and God will judge the guilty! 

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Excellent observation and the complete truth, Kudos to the author.

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