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“Today’s Civil War: Traitors, Tories and Deplorable Patriots!

By Richard Allen – May 16, 2022

We live in strange times. Over the past several weeks, many of us have marveled watching Dinesh D’Sousa’s epic documentary, “2,000 Mules.” What struck me while watching it, was not just the emboldened chicanery of the Radical Progressives in the Democrat Party, but the number of so-called Republicans complicit and totally in agreement with the Theft of our Electoral Process. This theft is being perpetrated by the radical establishment desperate to keep power and control. While many have talked of a coming civil war that’s brewing, I would say that the civil war is already here, and being fought daily across this great land!

Most Americans don’t realize that this is the third time we’re confronted Americans at war with other Americans on this grand a scale. While most of us are familiar with the Civil War fought between the Northern and Southern States from 1861-1865, very few of us are aware that the Revolutionary War from 1775 – 1783 was actually the first civil war fought between Americans. As historian Thomas B. Allen states it:

"The Revolution is usually portrayed as a conflict between the Patriots and the British. But there is another narrative: the bloody fighting between Americans, a civil war whose savagery shocked even battle-hardened Redcoats and Hessians. As debate and protests evolved into war, mudslinging and rhetorical arguments between Rebels and Tories evolved into tar-and-feathering, house-burning, and lynching. (Thomas B. Allen as quoted:"

The title of this week’s blog identifies three groups of Americans in this fight: Radicals, Tories and Deplorable Patriots. Most of us can identify the Radicals and I think most of my readers know exactly who the Deplorable Patriots are, it’s the Tories that we may need a refresher on. The simple definition of a Tory was: An American who was Loyal to the King of England. So, they were often called Loyalists as well as Tories. The two parties that controlled mother England at the time of the American Revolution were the Whigs and the Tories. Again, the Tories were the party that supported the King and property owners in Britain, while the Whigs, was the name given to “Presbyterians or Nonconformists.” So, Whigs by definition were those men who were nonconforming and somewhat contrary to the crown and the status quo. The titles Whigs and Tories were adopted by their American counterparts in the Colonies, the Tories being those Loyal to the King and the Whigs or Patriots wanting “independence from Britain and her crown.” As I’ve learned, we often miss the critical role that these Tories or Loyalists played in the American Revolution:

“Perhaps a fifth of all people in the thirteen rebellious colonies were Loyalists, and as many as nineteen thousand Americans may have enlisted to fight for the crown. Some Americans found themselves aligning or collaborating with whichever party was more powerful in the area where they lived. Loyalism and Patriotism might spring from vengeance, resentment, fear, coercion, local disputes, opportunism, or short-term financial incentives in addition to broader ideological or economic reasons for supporting or opposing Great Britain. (Revolution As Civil War: Patriot-Loyalist Conflict. Cited from Encyclopedia of the New American Nation"

But today’s civil war involves a third party as well: A group of Traitors, loyal to neither America, her Constitution or her people. They are the Globalist New World Order. While they truly are “The Establishment,” their only real loyalty is to Money and Power. So if that means siding with Communist Russia for 70+ years, they have no problem supporting world governance of a Soviet nature. Once the Soviet Union fell in 1991, most of them realized that their desire for “one world governance” had to find a new champion. So, when China emerged as the dominant player in the coming New World Order, they quickly switched allegiance. This is the modern Democratic Party. They are no longer concerned about the Constitution, America’s institutions or its People. And like the emissaries from Britain, they are loyal only to a world power that is not uniquely American. They are the party of American Oligarchs and friends of Big Tech, Academia and Government who long for one world control. Most of all THEY WANT TO HAVE A SEAT AT THE TABLE WHEN THE PLUNDER IS DISTRIBUTED! Global governance is not ideological, it’s personal for them.

So, if the Democrats are the Traitors – working to help China emerge as the New Global super power, who exactly are the Tories, that is the “Loyalists?” It’s a bit of a misnomer, but I believe that the Tories of today are the RINO’s, that is the Republicans In Name Only, or as they’re more commonly referred to Establishment Republicans. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, George Bush, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Robin Voss and many others are the Tories of today. They fancy themselves that they are still loyal to what they perceive to be the American Establishment. They’re too ignorant or unconcerned to see that they’re hastening their own destruction and the end of American Establishment by siding with Radical Democrats - and the New World Order. Those in both the Radical and Tory groups don’t honestly care who ends up in control: China, Russia or a New Muslim Caliphate, as long as it’s not the American tax-payer! They sabotaged Donald Trump and his presidency – all because they thought that his returning power to the people, returning jobs to the middle class – and giving wealth, control and influence back to working men and women, was an existential threat to their globalist goals! So they committed treason with the aid of the New World Order and their Dominion Voting Machines, thus disenfranchising millions of Americans who aren’t a part of their Elitist Club!

While these Tory-RINOs know that Rising Gas Prices and the Increased Cost of Food hurts the Middle Class, in their world – EVERYTHING IS FINE! They don’t care – as long as their kids go to private schools and their chauffeured limousines have plenty of gas. Their neighborhoods are safe from the crime and illegal invaders flooding in by the millions. Those immigrants will never move into their gated communities – except to landscape or cook! So, it’s worth reflecting on the Tories in the American Revolution to understand their allegiance and desire to hold fast to crown and king. The Tories at the time of our American Revolution still believed in “the right of kings to rule.” They believed “blue-blooded” elites born to aristocratic families alone had the savvy and wisdom to rule. In 1776 it was the Kings and Queens vs. the Common Man! The European Royalty and Aristocracy looked on in dismay at the “brutish” Colonialists trying to self-govern without their “guiding hand.” This is the same battle being fought today, we just don’t call our Elites Kings, Queens, Dukes, Earls and Duchesses, we call them Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, CEO’s, Bank VP’s etc. Obama himself echoed this haughty European sentiment, explaining that the working poor in the U.S. who lost their jobs because of global reengineering by American Elites would: Get bitter, cling to guns, religion and blame immigrants for their plight. Obama never missed a meal in his life because his family was never out of work!

But the question must be asked: Since many of the Tory-RINO’s have been hurt and will ultimately be disenfranchised along with the Deplorable-Patriots as these globalists dismantle America, “Why do they still stick to the Progressive-Democrat Agenda?” Besides the answer given above – “that they don’t really believe in the rule of common men,” I think their lack of self-preservation for their own way of life arises from their misguided belief that the Establishment still has their good at heart. If we were to ask a Tory during the Revolutionary War, he would probably say: “How can I turn on the King? During the French and Indian War just a decade ago, the King sent his armies and incurred great cost to defend us. It would seem ungrateful to rebel.” On the surface, that does make a lot of sense. And I think, like-wise many of the Tory-RINO’s believe: “This is the America that defeated Nazi Germany and ended the Cold War, I have to trust them that they know what they’re doing, and have my best interests at heart.” Sadly, that’s not the case.

The final group I call the Deplorable-Patriots because Hillary Clinton so-labeled Trump supporters who believed in the American Constitution, Independence and Freedom a “Basket of Deplorables.” She also believed those who had lost their jobs and livelihoods to the global economy, were just not sophisticated enough to grasp how she, Obama and both Bushs (along with her globalist friends) needed to run the world FOR THEIR GOOD! If they had to move their jobs overseas and collapse the American economy, in the end it would make for a better world. These Royals believed that these poor uneducated middle-class schmucks were EXPENDABLE TO THE ELITES IN BOTH PARTIES!

Democrat-Traitors and Tory-RINO’s have been deceived to the point where they swallow the Fake-News narrative that: Having a society of moral, God-fearing, employed and intact families – FROM ALL RACES, is a bad thing. Naturally they believe Trump and his Deplorable Patriots are a serious threat to the New World Order. The “Age of Aquarius” that Radicals legislated over the past 60+ years – would be toppled by these Patriots. The threat was so serious that lying, cheating, voter-fraud, murder, and even jailingJanuary 6th Trespassers for Life, is OK if it stops these Deplorable-Patriots and their diabolical agenda! For RINO-Tories who are the majority of Establishment Republicans in Power, they fear the Deplorable-Patriots ending their banquet at the public trough. And like the Tories of old, they CAN’T IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT BRITISH RULE OVER THEM FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE!

They fear the Deplorable-Patriots more than they do China, Russia, North Korea or even a Muslim Caliphate combined! Returning “power to the people” is nothing short of “turning their world upside down.” It’s sometimes hard to identify these Tory-RINO’s – just like the Tories during the Revolutionary War. They actually sided with England, but on occasion were forced to show some loyalty to the Patriot cause. In the Tory-RINO understanding, the Establishment in both Democrat and Republican Parties are the “betters who were destined to rule we (us), the ignorant masses.” Any attempt by the Deplorable-Patriots to take their rightful power will be resisted – EVEN IF IT MEANS BETRAYING OTHER CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS OR A KNOW-NOTHING BIG-MOUTH WITH ORANGE HAIR!

The final category is the Deplorable-Patriots, who just want America to return to Constitutional Government: Of the People, By the People and For the People – Not the Kings and Queens. They are neither the crazed nor scaryInsurrectionists and Anarchists” portrayed by the Democrat-Traitors and RINO-Tories and their Media-Acolytes. And no matter how many times they blather on that Deplorable-Patriots are “White-Racist-Nazis” trying to hold on to power in an America that is browning and becoming more inclusive to those so-called huddled-masses, to whom they believe America owes more than it owes to its own citizens who live, die, work, pay taxes, vote, and try to play by the rules.

Let me leave you with some encouragement. Even though the might of the British Empire was arrayed against them, our Patriot Forefathers won their Freedom – both from Britain and the traitorous Tories and Loyalists who sought to keep them in bondage and under the control of the British Monarchy – the American Revolution was a complete anomaly at the time. A rag-tag group of ill-equipped and poorly-trained “commoners” defeated the largest standing army on the face of the earth – to win their Freedom from the “Tyranny of the Elites” and a foreign King. Make no mistake, it’s the same battle we fight today against those who are convinced that we can’t rule ourselves, we need to be ruled by “our betters” – that is, the Royals in the Elite classes. Let me end by borrowing a verse from Paul the Apostle as he pleaded with the infant Church, warning them not to become entangled again with Old Testament Law:

“Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage” (Galatians 5:1).

Like Paul said to the early Church, let’s all stand fast and hold on to the Liberty that our Forefathers bled and died for!

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