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“Trump’s Trojan Horse?” – Part 2: Could ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Thwart Trump’s Potential Comeback?

By Richard Allen – January 16, 2023

In Trump’s Trojan Horse – Part 1, I warned that the evidence of serious side effects caused by the mRNA (i.e. Messenger RNA) Vaccines, cannot be suppressed forever, they will come out. Coroners and Pathologists are now beginning to report the untold health issues and sudden deaths across the world – and directly linking them to the “spike proteins” generated by the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine. When this information gets to critical mass, the “globalist-environmentalist-elites” will have no choice but to “PIVOT” and blame the whole mess on Donald Trump and his push to get these Vaccines to market, which he called: Operation Warp Speed.

To some, it sounds implausible that the same Media-Medical-Industrial-Complex who called for the Government to lock up Un-vaxxed Americans could now blame Trump for the Vaccine. Let me remind you, these are the same “talking heads” who daily promoted the Safety and Efficacy of the mRNA “gene-therapy” and then relabeled it Vaccine. How, you ask, could they pivot 180° and blame Trump? Well, unless you’ve been in a coma for the past seven years, you have witnessed the potency of the Media-Medical-Industrial-Complex and their power to manipulate and stampede common people (especially low information voters), into believing their propaganda. We all suffer from two human conditions that help them in their deception: 1.) People are wired so they are not in a state of uncertainty and turmoil. So, it’s much easier to believe lies that are told us by the authorities, that is – the specialists who we believe, understand the complexities of science and technology – and have our best interests at heart. And 2.) Most people have a “built-in-forgetter.” That is, they forget what happened two days ago, so an artful liar can easily re-write or “spin” what actually happened into something false. I could give scores of examples, but here’s a recent one that proves my point.

It's clear to any thinking person that the whole “Russia Collusion” narrative was made up in 2016, an insurance plan – to use the Deep State’s own description – just in case Donald Trump somehow won the presidency. There is so much background information it’s hard to know where to start. The short version is: Democrat Operatives from Hillary’s campaign (Robby Mook and Glen Simpson) created a risqué narrative claiming Donald Trump was compromised by Vladimir Putin, catching him in a “honey trap” set in a Russian Hotel. They supposedly had recorded Russian call-girls with Donald Trump in his room in what’s now famously called the pee-pee tapes. As a result, Trump was compromised and cooperated with Russian interests to keep the dirt they had from going public. In return, the Russians cheated to help Trump’s campaign, releasing Hillary’s emails, helping him win the presidency. Problem is, there has never been any evidence produced. It was a manufactured story by Clinton / Democratic Party Operatives, with help from sycophants in Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies. After wasting almost $100 million, shackling the Trump Presidency with endless Investigations and phony charges – NOTHING CAME OF ANY OF THE ACCUSATIONS, NOTHING!

Truth be told, the Russia Collusion story has now been so debunked by honest brokers in the Media that it’s hard to imagine anyone except Kool-Aid drinking, Tinfoil-Hat-wearing MAGA-Haters believing these blatant, unsubstantiated lies. YET, six years later there are still News Reporters, Columnists and other “shills” for the Democrat Party who are repeating these lies as if they were true. This is mind-boggling, but it should serve to warn us that: The INFORMATION AGE is also the AGE OF DISINFORMATION. Unless you have “principles, discernment, honest information and a good memory,” you might easily be deceived. So, is it that hard to imagine their “re-writing” Trump’s guilt and their own innocence in promoting the mRNA Vaccines? Doesn’t matter how much information to the contrary, people are gullible.

So, let me ask, does anyone except a few “news junkies” remember the list of false statements made by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director of the World Health Organization regarding the Covid-19 Virus and the Vaccines? I think not. Note: He made all the statements on the left (save the last one about going to Heaven) “on the record.” And to my knowledge, Tedros doesn’t believe in Heaven! But the constantly changing nature of his statements to the public - world over - about the mRNA Vaccine, shows that the World Health Organization is dishonest and incompetent. What’s even more amazing is – with the passing of time, Tedros and all his friends on the left have denied or obfuscated all previous pronouncements about the Vaccine with hardly a whimper. In fact, HE’S ALREADY GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT! Except for a funny meme here or there, no one has called him out. I call all these statements to your attention, not to get bogged down in the sordid history of Covid-19 or the mRNA Vaccine’s creation, distribution and “faux-cure,” but rather to warn the Trump team that past practice predicts future behavior. They have the unmitigated gall to deny everything they’ve said and done, and blame the whole mess over Covid and / or the Vaccine on someone else. Donald Trump and his Operation Warp Speed make an all too convenient target. And what scares me most is: WITH A MAJORITY OF THE PUBLIC, THEY’LL GET AWAY WITH IT!

Donald Trump is a doer, not just a talker. And he’s a smart doer, always looking at a problem from the most objective and results-based outcomes that are needed. This is what good businessmen do and government politicians are incapable of. He was told by the so-called “medical-experts” that Covid was a threat, so early on he shut down travel to and from China. He was told that “masks” could help stem the spread of the disease, so even though government stashes of N-95 Masks were depleted and never replaced by the Obama Administration 2012, Trump pushed and ramped up production and delivery in record time. Likewise, the previous president had depleted all the stored ventilators, so Trump leaned on the Manufacturing Industry and voilà, we had tons of ventilators in record time. He was then told that we needed to “shut down the economy” for 14 days to “flatten the curve,” that is, decrease the rise in Covid-19 cases so hospitals could handle it, and reluctantly – he did it. Then finally, he was told: “We have to get a Vaccine to the public quickly to save lives and get back to normal” so Operation Warp Speed was launched. Donald Trump also understood the Economy needed to function to keep from flattening peoples’ lives. If not, stemming Covid deaths would be a wasted effort. As we’ve all learned, all of these were blatant lies – with no facts to back them up.

The problem for Trump is, like virtually all presidents, he was dependent upon getting correct information from the medical professionals on his team. We now know – they all lied to him – or were lied to. The masks had no effect on stemming the flow of Covid-19, the ventilators killed more people than they helped, and while the shut-down was supposed to “flatten the curve,” it put people out of work and had no impact on stemming the flow of Covid-19 or saving lives. And the biggest lie was, that an “EXPERIMENTAL mRNA VACCINE” (which really isn’t a vaccine at all but a “gene therapy” Injection), WOULD STEM THE FLOW, KEEP PEOPLE FROM GETTING SICK, AND SAVE LIVES. Nothing could be further from the truth! I say all of this for one purpose: With recent revelations on the number of people Dying Suddenly, the Trump Team needs to get ahead of the “Globalist-Propaganda-Team” and explain that he was the one who was deceived on many fronts by Fauci and the so-called Medical Professionals. They all turned out to be Radical Eugenicists working to institute the “Great Reset,” and Cull the Herd of Humanity to gain global control. Make no mistake, the people they want to eliminate are the poor, the infirm, the sickly and those whom their Patron Saint, Margaret Sanger (the lady who started Planned Parenthood) called “human weeds.”

I ask my readers to watch Stew Peters: “Died Suddenly” video. It should convince most of you that the lies about this experimental Covid mRNA Vaccine can’t be contained. Truth about its deadly side-effects will come out. This vaccine didn’t follow any of the normal protocols for clinical testing. And all the clinical evidence from the Pharma Companies showing they knew of all the adverse outcomes beforehand, have been sealed so they will not be easily discovered. And the same Pharma companies were given a “blank check” by the U.S. Government, so no one might sue them for the willful harm done to the millions who were frightened and brow-beaten into taking the Vaccine. As the truth finally comes out, the “global-elitist-cabal” will have no choice but to allow the suppressed data to be released. At that point, they’ll either honestly admit: “Yes, we had a plan to kill off 2 Billion people for your own good,” or find someone to blame. Trump is an all too convenient scapegoat, and they may pin the whole Vaccine mess on him.

I can honestly say that I hope I’m wrong and that this scenario never happens. My worst fear is that Trump’s pride for Operation Warp Speed, which he saw as a way to get the economy going – will turn out to be his Trojan Horse. And all the usual cast of characters will BLAME HIM for Covid Vaccine deaths worldwide. I don’t want him being blamed for their evil plan to cull the herd of humanity. The Virus and the Vaccine have been in the works for a long, long time. Trump could get out in front, making his case to the American people – who will know he’s telling the truth, if he says:

“Dr. Fauci and the Medical Experts lied to me repeatedly about Masks, Ventilators, Social Distancing and Lockdowns. We now know that they were the ones who funded the “gain-of-function” research, unleashing this virus on the unwitting public to push their vaccine. I am not a scientist or doctor, so I listened to the Medical Experts. I fear that they were working with China and Global-Elites to Make America Less Again, so they could have full control over everyone on the planet, their ‘Great Reset.’ So, I promise that as President, there will be a full investigation – not just of who perpetrated this crime, but who went along with it and who got rich. Sadly, I’m still the only one standing in their way of completing their Reset.”

I fear if President Trump doesn’t “TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT THE VIRUS, THE VACCINE, AND THE GLOBAL PLAN TO CULL HUMANITY AND SUBJUGATE AMERICA AS A VASAL STATE, THEY WILL TELL US YET MORE LIES.” I can imagine all of these same Vaccine Cheerleaders from Politics and the Fake-News Media saying: “This is what you get when you elect a Businessman as president. He wasn’t even a lawyer and couldn’t possibly grasp the complexities of rushing a Vaccine to the public.”

We may also hear Tony Mengele Fauci say at some future date:

“We wanted to take our time to make sure there were no complications with the mRNA Vaccines, but we had a naive president pushing us every day for a speedy delivery and approval. We warned him not to rush the vaccines just to get the economy open. Vaccines need time to determine their safety and efficacy. But Trump cared more for his wealthy friends and corporate fat-cats than the American people. We tried warning everyone that we were dealing with an unconventional president who was a Bombastic Reality TV Star and Businessman, not a leader.”

Regarding Masks, Ventilators, Social Distancing and Lockdowns, Trump listened to Medical Experts and other expert advisors in the Deep State, accepting their recommendations and putting them into action – as they knew he would. How ironic that the Medical Experts who Donald Trump thought were Jonas Salk, all turned out to be Josef Mengele!

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I hope the authors send Trump multiple copies of this article at various addresses to ensure he sees it. I believe it would be very beneficial to him.

This whole covid thing was planned. Fauci predicted early on in Trump's presidency that he would face a pandemic before his term was up. The elites gathered together in 2019 to "play out" events in case a pandemic hit. It's too much of a coincidence of how similar their fake event was to the real thing. I'm afraid we aren't finished with this yet and those vaccinated will be succumbing to the vax's effects in the next couple of years. What's terrifying is that those we depend on the most were forced…


First of all if Dr. Fauchi wasn't playing "Mad Scientist" along with China. Mixing something from a diseased bat, secretly in a China Lab and making it mutate in humans as a disease, we never would have had to worry about a damn thing called Covid-19, or a VAX. Second, it was the responsibility of our CDC and pharma Companies to tell Our President that "NO" a Vaccination can not be made and distributed that quickly to humans, that it takes trials and years of experiments before it could possibly be given to humans, as is the case with every other vaccine that's ever been produced. (That's why I wouldn't take it because I knew this, and I was not…


Our president gave many men a chance to honor the nation. But most betrayed their trust [for power of course and a hefty paycheck (1.Timothy 6:10)]. As to our leading medical men, Dr. Faulty and others, they're about as competent as a taxidermist when it comes to preserving life. Democrats destroy everything they touch, from the 65,000,000 of the most innocent of human life to the economic shut downs. And now Biden strangling our energy needs, especially for the poor. Not a good epitaph for any with blood on their hands. And this goes for the unrepentant churches.

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