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“It’s Just A Flesh Wound!” – A Failure to Repent – Part 1

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Why Are Some People Incapable of Admitting When They Are Wrong?

By Richard Allen – November 20, 2023

Ever since I first saw “In Search of The Holy Grail” in the 1970’s, I’ve had a fondness for English humor. Not that all of it is appropriate, but some of the satire in Monty Python’s classic film is ingenious and quite funny. One of the funnier moments in the film is when King Arthur, in search of the mythical cup of Christ, that is the Holy Grail, encounters “The Black Knight.” Standing in front of a small bridge, Arthur, King of the Britons, first addresses the Black Knight, asking him to join him in his Court at Camelot. When the Black Knight doesn’t respond, Arthur readies to cross the bridge – but the Black Knight responds: “None shall pass!” At this point the King tries to pass but to his amazement, the Black Knight stood his ground and engaged the King in battle. What makes the scene comical is that the King quickly cuts one of the Black Knight’s arms off with a single stroke of his sword. Thinking the battle is over, the King again proceeds to pass over the bridge saying: “Now stand aside, worthy adversary.” But to everyone’s amazement, the Black Knight says: “Tis but a scratch.” To which the King says: “A scratch? Your arm’s off.” Believing his own False Narrative, the Black Knight insists: “No it isn’t, I’ve had worse.” This debate goes on for several minutes as the king proceeds to cut off the other arm, and both legs.

The Black Knight’s denial of his defeat in the face of “incontrovertible facts” is the subject of this week’s Blog, specifically: “Why do so many on the Left never, I mean never, admit their errors and apologize when they have been wrong – even when documented proof is widely known?” We’re not going to limit our discussion just to a “failure to be accountable or admit wrong-doing in politics,” rather, I want to expand our conversation to the larger issue of Repentance toward God! Trust me when I say they are both connected. We’ll talk more about this in future Blogs.

In a video clip from one of the “unwatched Republican Debates,” the only candidate worth watching – Vivek Ramaswamy, turned the tables on several of the worst perpetrators of Deception and Denial, the Political Hacks posing as News Reporters: Kristen Welker, Lester Holt and Hugh Hewitt. As they all sat dumfounded, Vivek called out Kristen Welker, an NBC Reporter who hyped the “Fake Russia Collusion” story for several years. In his opening remarks, Vivek castigated the corrupt Media Establishment for helping “Rig Elections” by promoting false information and suppressing truth. While the crowd roared with approval, all three of these Democrat Operatives – masquerading as News Reporters – said not a word! The picture at the left shows a smirking Kristen Welker’s unapologetic response: Silence. The mask is off, her complete denial, lack of accountability, and doubling-down on dishonesty – is on full display. Sitting there in silence, all her figurative “arms and legs cut off” – she was saying: “It’s just a scratch!” No repentance, apology or remorse.

“Kristen, I’m going to use this time because this is actually about you and the media and the corrupt media establishment,” Ramaswamy said. ‘I will ask you: the Trump-Russia collusion hoax that you pushed on this network for years, was that real, or was that Hillary Clinton made-up disinformation? Answer the question, go.’ ”

Since 2017, multiple deceptions were perpetrated on the American People by operatives in the Democrat Party and their sycophants in the State-Controlled Media. Sadly, it usually takes almost three years, but each of these lies in turn have been proven to be a completely False Narrative devised by the Democrats in pursuit of political power. Yet, there has never been any acknowledgment of their deliberate deception or an apology for their False Narratives. We’ll review three deliberate falsifications, used by the national press give the Democrats political power. All of them have caused harm, and in some cases actually caused thousands of Americans to die and others to be falsely imprisoned. The three False Narrative I speak of are: 1.) That Trump colluded with Russians to steal the 2016 Election from Hilliary Clinton as mentioned by Vivek above, 2.) That a “virus from a bat” in a Wuhan, China Lab in 2020, accidentally unleased a World-Wide Pandemic, and 3.) That Donald Trump’s MAGA supporters were guilty of Insurrection on January 6th 2020, seeking to take over the United States Government by occupying Congressional grounds in the Nation’s Capitol.

As Vivek taunted Kristen Welker above, 1.) These False Narratives and subsequent denials of any wrongdoing by the Deep State and Media accomplices is the “Faux-Russia-Collusion Narrative.” For those who may not be aware, the entire Narrative was made up by Hillary Clinton Operatives and paid for by Democrat Campaign cash. It was referred to by illegitimate FBI lovers Lisa Paige and Peter Strzok as the Insurance Policy Deep State Republicans and Democrats used as a back-up in case Trump won in 2016. In actuality, it was an attempted coup d’état of a lawfully elected President by unelected men and women who swore to defend the Constitution of the United States. They used Deep State government apparatchiks like Robby Mook, Glenn Simpson, James Clapper, James Brennan, Bruce and Nellie Orr and many FBI and Government officials. They funneled money through Perkins-Coie, a Democrat Law firm specializing in “opposition research” and “dirty tricks,” and then sprung groundless accusations on an unsuspecting president by his own FBI Director, James Comey. He then leaked it to the Main Stream Media – who pushed it 24/7 on every network and cable channel – until it had a life of its own. Many people actually believed this LIE, even though it had been completely fabricated. And now we know that Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were also part of the Deep State team wanting to take Trump out. Trump somehow survived, and even after a $50 million dollar investigation, and 98% nonstop Negative Media Propaganda, was found innocent. Finally, six years later a more honest investigation by John Durham proved beyond a shadow of doubt, it was the Democrats and Not Trump who had worked with Russian Oligarchs and Foreign Intelligence Agencies to “Fabricate the whole Narrative.”

If you’re wondering if there was ever a “retraction of all the False Reporting,” or an “Apology from the Democrats” who perpetrated the whole fiasco. . . . . , to date there has been NONE. In fact, in some circles they are still trying to peddle the same “disproven lies” again and again. There they sit, perched on the ground with “no arms and no legs,” still claiming that King Arthur is a coward for leaving – still in denial even though they have been totally discredited in their lie. This brings me to:

2). The Deep State’s and Intelligence Agencies’ involvement in unleashing the China virus in 2020, which crippled the economy and forced mail-in-balloting. This False Narrative was much more sinister, in that it caused the death of almost 7 Million people world-wide and 1.1 Million people in the United States. The facts are still filtering out on this fabrication, but it’s more than obvious that our own Intelligence Agencies and Military Bio-Weapons Researchers, along with the National Institutes of Health - working with the Chinese Communist Party - which developed and unleashed this “man-made virus” on unsuspecting people all over the world. Not only was the virus and vaccine engineered years prior to the release, we know now that our own Dr. Mengele, Tony Fauci, was working on gain of function (GOF) to make Covid more deadly right here in Montana.

The vaccine was developed concurrently using a potentially dangerous mRNA (Messenger RNA) technology. In the years to come, I fear that we will learn that more people will have been killed by the Vaccine than the Virus. But in 2020 the Virus had its desired effect: It was used to frighten Americans, shut down Businesses, Churches, Schools and Alter Legal Voting – all to give the Deep State easy access to Cheat – using U.S. Mail Drop Boxes. While liars in the Deep State Media still propagandize that 2020 was the “Most Honest and Legitimate Election Ever Held,” more and more information is coming to light that it was the “Most Fraudulent and Illegitimate Election Ever Held.” With the Republicans taking over the House, Investigations are now finally uncovering a Massive “Steal the Vote” Operation. And Elon Musk’s buying of Twitter has led to other revelations that Google, Facebook, and Twitter were working for the Democrat Party with FBI to “Stop the Flow of Information” that would have yielded a different election outcome in 2020.

To date, not one Democrat or Media Operative has Apologized for the False Stories about the Virus, over-counting deaths, suppressing the complete failure of the vaccine to do anything except cause serious side effects and suddendeaths across the globe. While some courts have reinstated the Nurses, First Responders, Teachers and other front-line citizens who were “Fired because they didn’t want a dangerous untested Vaccine,” we’ve yet to hear any apologies for the “outright lies” that Federal and State Governments, as well as the Medical Establishment, used to propagandize and drive “disinformation” rather than truth. Possibly the most culpable segment of our society was the Main Stream Media, who continue to lie and spin the truth – even to this day. The false statements made about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin alone caused thousands of unnecessary deaths. Any apology? Any retraction of Ivermectin is just Horse Medicine? All of the lies they’ve told is reminiscent of the Soviet Union, not of a free people with a free press.

3.) The Faux Insurrection of January 6th where the False Narrative is that MAGA / Trump supporters attempted insurrection to overthrow the United States Government, is also falling apart. Video tapes have finally been released showing actual “Insurrectionists” respectfully walking through Congressional Offices, coupled with the revelation that the FBI and Government had hundreds of “operatives posing as MAGA Supporters” complete with their Red Hats. Many of these plants insisted that Trump Supporters “go inside the Capitol Building.” These “hard facts” along with the testimony of Capitol Police show they are in complete Denial: “Both their arms and legs have been chopped off.” Then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, did everything she could to give easy access into the Capitol Building for the protestors. This False Narrative is well on the way to being debunked as a complete Lie. Like many other False Narratives driven by the Democrats and their Lackies in the Media, There’s No Truth, just Fabricated Lies. For them, it’s just expediency and whatever needs to be said at the moment, to achieve their goals. I can’t close with any better words that those of Jesus to those in his own day who were also in Denial over their own belief of falsehoods and sin:

“No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3).

More to come in Part 2.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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